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Hot Yemeni Brides: Find Your Queen of Sheba

Yemen is one of the best places to look for a mail order bride but for all the wrong reasons. Many Yemeni women are pushed toward becoming mail order brides and seeking their fortune elsewhere in the world by their harsh living conditions. However, unlike it’s the case with most other ‘third world countries’ where girls are often driven by ambitions alone, it’s a matter of survival for a beautiful Yemeni woman.

Truly, most stories we hear about Yemen are not encouraging. Sadly, such a country with such a rich cultural heritage has to experience hardships instead of reaping the fruit of the ancient civilizations for the benefit of its people. Naturally, all sorts of turmoil that a country may undergo always hit the marginalized social groups hardest, which is the case with Yemeni women.

Famous Yemeni Women as examples

If we talk about the most famous Yemeni women, the legendary Queen of Sheba will always be the first one to cross one’s mind. Indeed, she is the epitome of female beauty and wisdom of Biblical proportion, no less. But we are more interested in what Yemen has to offer to single gentlemen today. So, we won't talk about her, along with other prominent women from Yemeni history – like Asma bint Shuhab or Arwa al-Sulayhi. We won't focus on famous Jewish women of Yemeni descent, like Ofra Haza or Dana International, either. Yemen doesn’t have any significant Jewish population for several decades now, so a Yemeni mail order bride cannot be Jewish.

Instead, the first Yemeni women that come to mind are the documentary filmmaker Khadija al-Salami and the heroine of her most celebrated feature film Nujood Ali. Indeed, the film I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced has succeeded in attracting the whole world’s attention to the existing problem of forced child marriage in Yemen. Still, the very possibility of such a film being done, the very fact that there is a Yemeni woman with enough skill and resource to undertake such projects is a ray of hope for all Yemeni girls. Of course, a large portion of Khadija’s success lies in the fact that she lives and works in Paris for the most part.

Why Yemeni women become mail order brides

The intertwined yet drastically different fates of Khadija and Nujood make us think that the best way for a beautiful Yemeni woman to realize herself in life is to move into a more welcoming environment. For most Yemeni girls, the only way to do that is to marry to a kind gentleman from abroad.

For instance, as Khadija al-Salami has pointed out (among other things) in her celebrated documentary, there is no legal age of consent in Yemen. Girls are considered hot and sexy Yemeni women fit to marry as soon as they reach puberty. No gynecologist checks these Yemeni brides. Instead, they are assumed to be fit for marriage around the age of 9, and her poor family is most likely more than happy to ship her off to the highest bidder. When these Yemeni brides for marriage become ‘spinsters’ unlikely to attract a husband, they are a burden to their family.

That must be a somewhat lucky fate because she doesn’t have to enter into that marriage, right? Well, not exactly. You see, the ongoing Civil War in Yemen means that a huge amount of the male population is involved in the military, and a lot of them are young and hot-blooded. Naturally, girls don’t get recruited as soldiers. But, without a husband to protect her, a beautiful Yemeni woman can get forced into a different kind of involvement with the military, the worst one possible for a girl.

Aside from this disastrous abuse, the families' favoring sons over daughters also leads to the increased malnutrition of girls if compared to boys. A poor family will naturally feed their beloved son with bigger bits of food (or even water) from their scarce table. They expect to marry off the girl soon or wait for her to become a burden.

Compared to such hardships, poor literacy among Yemeni girls may seem like a minor fallback. We still felt like it’s necessary to point out because even though the astounding 2/3 of Yemen’s female population remain illiterate, these ladies are anything but unintelligent. Few can argue that harsh environments don’t favor stupid people. Nevertheless, being ‘streetwise’ also doesn’t ensure one’s livable life or even survival.

What Yemeni women seek in a man

Illiterate as they may be, Yemeni girls are smart enough to understand that their chances of a decent living increase dramatically in a more welcoming environment. And that their best shot at achieving that is to meet a kind gentleman who will marry them and take them to a better place to live. Hence, a gentleman like that will earn their eternal gratitude. Nevertheless, there is one crucial condition. The tradition is strong, so this man must be Muslim, that is come from any of the Muslim diasporas (preferably Arabic, perfectly Yemeni) in the Western countries. The example of Yemeni singer Awara dating French singer Garou (who isn't Muslim) is rather a precedent among Yemeni women dating than a commonly accepted practice.

Of course, girls from the families that can’t wait to ship them off are in no position to be picky about their groom’s religion. So, if you’re not a Muslim, you may still have a chance with a Yemeni mail order bride. But there will still be some cultural barriers difficult for her to cross. So, a non-Muslim captivated by Arabic beauty surely has better chances to find an ideal match in more secular Arabic cultures, like Iraq or Jordan, where women are more worldly. If, on the other hand, you’re a Yemeni gentleman abroad and all those foreign dating customs leave you confused, you won’t find a better option than Yemeni mail order brides.

Yemeni mail order brides as wives and mothers

As we have mentioned, a beautiful Yemeni woman will be forever thankful to the kind gentleman who will marry her and give her a decent life. She doesn’t ask for much, but her gratitude will be truly endless. She will always appreciate this opportunity that you provided for her and make the best of it. There will be nothing she wouldn’t do to make your home and your family just perfect for you. She will do all the cleaning, laundry, and all other errands and treat it like her natural duty, without ever making a big deal of it. As for cooking, it’s understandable that the severe living conditions in which she was raised have taught her to create tasty and nutritious meals from literally nothing. One can only imagine what delicacies she’ll be able to come up with having all the ‘splendor’ of your local grocery store at hand.

Indeed, the splendor of grocery stores will be one of the many cultural shocks for her once you take her to your place. Be prepared to explain even the smallest details of your everyday life that seem quite self-explanatory to you. But – not to worry, she’ll most definitely be the aptest learner. The only issue that may arise here is that she might be too shy to ask questions about some things that are unclear yet interesting to her. Once again, a gentleman needs to be understanding about it and foresee those unclarities.

Child-rearing is another thing you won’t have to worry about. We have already discussed the usual marriage age in Yemen. Well, by that age, a girl is expected to be perfectly able not only to deliver children but also to raise them. Moreover, it’s still common to have many children in a family there. As such, the best Yemeni brides of full age are not only morally prepared to raise children but also perfectly trained to take care of their younger siblings. Remembering her harsh childhood, she will apply all her effort to give everything to her children: love for them, care, and – of course, education – of which she was deprived. Also, her background won’t allow her to spoil her children, so you can rest assured that they will grow up well-disciplined and respectful to their parents.

Speaking of parents, it’s not common in Yemen for a girl to keep contact with her family once she’s married and has a family of her own. By the way, that’s the main reason why Yemeni families want to marry their daughters off as soon as possible, - because once a girl is out, she can’t expect any support from them. For you, it means that you can feel safe from the omnipresent in-laws who are a big turn-off that convinces many gentlemen to stay single. But, as you see, such an issue won’t arise with hot Yemeni women.

Finding your match through a Yemeni brides agency

Yemen’s poor female literacy is paired with poor Internet connectivity. As such, your chances of randomly meeting a Yemeni girl on social media or another free platform are nil. Instead, Yemeni women register with brides agencies. A Yemeni brides agency is a service that specializes in connecting these women with their potential grooms from other countries. So, usually, when talking to Yemeni brides online, you will most likely be chatting with someone from an agency. It’s necessary because your beautiful Yemeni woman is, unfortunately, likely to be illiterate, to say nothing of her English efficiency. But not to worry – the agency’s employees are always most professional in every meaning of the word.

That is, of course, provided that you find a trustworthy agency, which is a separate issue. Scamming isn’t even the biggest concern here. Human trafficking is still a major concern in Yemen, so some websites that offer Yemeni brides for sale might mean it literally. Even if you get so tempted at the opportunity that might feel ready to overlook the ethical implications, don’t forget about the legal ones. ‘Buying’ hot Yemeni brides might be legal-ish in their motherland. But it’s surely very much illegal in the places where you plan to take her and will cost you dearly. So, stay on the safe side, and only trust reliable agencies that work within the legal scope. You can make sure about that by checking out the feedback from a service’s real clients and professional dating website reviews.

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