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Dutch Brides and How to Approach Them

We all had both amazing and rather unpleasant experiences when it comes to dating. Sometimes we feel that the person across the table is simply a perfect match, while on other occasions we think it’s better to just stay single. We’re here to tell you: don’t lose hope! Real love is still out there for you to find it. It just might not come in the way one usually expects, or by means we consider traditional.

Nowadays, many people meet their soulmates on the Internet. One can’t even begin to imagine the number of dating websites that are free to access. Dutch brides online are not difficult to find either. A lot of men tend to pick more exotic wives, but Dutch brides for sale are also available, even if that’s only a figure of speech. First, you probably want to find out more about these sexy Dutch women and how to court them into falling in love with you. Leave concerns for married life and having kids for later.

Short Description of a Dutch Bride

Dutch mail order brides are tall, extremely beautiful women. Typically, they’re blonde and have blue or gray eyes, but that might have changed in the country’s recent history (since it became very ethnically diverse). Most hot Dutch women tend to prefer a more natural look and don’t like going over the top with make-up. Also, they will be very elegant on special occasions, but other than that, this nation prefers dressing casually.

You might have heard rumors about Dutch people being rude or unfriendly. The truth is, they’re simply very honest and tend to speak their minds. Dutch women will be direct about answering questions and won’t shy away from asking you anything either. They don’t intend on hurting others but give their true opinions to your face.

Furthermore, any topic of conversation is acceptable for a Dutch mail order bride. Personal details can be shared at any time. According to their beliefs - the sooner, the better, as you get to really know each other and quickly decide if things could work out or not.

Honesty applies even when it comes to their expectations regarding romantic relationships. If you wish for a short adventure or a serious thing, make sure to tell them, and they’ll do the same. Time is precious, and there’s no point in wasting it; if you don’t like someone or something, go ahead and say it. If you are attracted to a person, come clean about it. There’s nothing here that involves guessing and reading other people’s minds, which simplifies everything quite a lot.

One very important aspect is that Dutch women are independent. Opening doors for them is a nice gesture, but they might find it weird, as they’re not used to it. They know how to do everything by themselves and focus on developing their careers, making sure they’ll always be financially independent.

Since we’re on the money topic, Dutch people like saving some for special treats and maybe even darker days. A frequent stereotype is that they keep their pockets tightly shut, but it’s simply a matter of not spending unnecessarily high amounts. If you’re a fan of looking for bargains or discounts, they might just be the right people to help out.

Getting Inside Dutch Brides’ Hearts

Their description should say more than enough when it comes to the subject of Dutch women dating. If you like her, ask her out, show it with a kiss. If you’ve changed your mind, say it, so you can both move on to more suitable partners.

Also, hot Dutch brides are not that much into hearing or saying sweet words and throwing compliments around. Of course, they will thank you for them. Just make sure not to blow things out of proportion, as they’ll start doubting you actually mean what you say. It’s the same with gifts. Chocolate will work every once in a while, but don’t start showering your beautiful Dutch woman with flowers. Get her something useful instead.

Gender equality is important in her home country, so don’t be surprised if the beautiful Dutch woman you’re dating asks to split the bill. You could offer to take care of it, but she definitely won’t be expecting you to do so. Also, don’t overdo it and don’t insist. It’s alright if you want to act like a gentleman from time to time, but she might feel uncomfortable.

Checking if she’s attracted to you will be easy; they tend to make a lot of eye contact while getting to know someone. In some cultures, but hopefully not yours, that can seem a bit too intimate. Either way, asking her whether she likes you or not is always possible, so take advantage of that honesty.  English is not their mother tongue, but still - Dutch mail order brides can speak it very well, so misunderstandings are unlikely to happen.

Other than their clothes, they have pretty casual personalities as well. During the first few dates, don’t even think about getting fancy restaurant ideas. Having a beer at a pub is perfectly fine. She’ll probably get there on a bicycle anyway, so don’t try forcing her into wearing heels and a dress.

If talking about bikes, it’s probably a good time to mention that a cycling date might work pretty well too. You could go exploring new places while taking care of the environment (which leaves for more things to admire while hiking together).

Lastly, if she’s independent, a Dutch lady will definitely expect the same from you. Don’t expect her to become a housewife who walks behind you picking up dirty socks. Your relationship will be a true picture of gender equality, as you’ll be expected to share all chores, including cooking and cleaning. Of course, decisions will also be taken as a couple.

Proper Way to Marry Dutch Brides

Dutch brides for marriage in all its sense are not that easy to get. Not because they don’t love you, but because their co-nationals simply don’t have a habit of running head first into tying the knot. It’s quite common for them to buy houses and even have children before they decide to sign any marriage papers.

If you do decide on taking this step, you must know that a church ceremony does not make a marriage legal. Before this religious event, the grooms need to go to the city hall or a courthouse for civil registration. During that, the officiant has to read your speeches, ask how you met, why you want to be married and so on.

Before the actual wedding, a small party can be held, during which your Dutch bride’s parents will give her a dowry containing various gifts to help her in the new household. If her father doesn’t like you, he might refuse to pay this dowry. But that’s just tradition. Another one includes the groom going to his bride’s house on the day of the wedding to pick her up. They would parade on the streets, followed by their parents and the rest of the guests.

At the reception, a wishing tree is set up close to the newlyweds. Guests can write their wishes, good thoughts and advice for the bride and groom on little papers and tie those to the tree with ribbons. These are considered wedding gifts, along with money. Green branches can also be arranged above the young couple’s table, as they symbolize eternal love.

You and your new wife can also write love letters to each other and put them in a box, along with a wine bottle. This will be opened in the future when your relationship is going through hard times. To keep yourselves happy, they say it is good to plant lily-of-the-valley around your home.

Speeches are not much of a thing at Dutch weddings. Most likely, friends and family will put on little sketch shows for some proper fun. As gifts for your guests, to thank them for coming, you can give them small blue packs, containing almonds coated in white sugar.

Dutch Brides and Families They Build

The best Dutch brides, even though they might marry late, will stay loyal to their husbands. Probably, after all that time, they are certain of their choice. They will properly do any household work properly but will expect you to share the chores. Equality, remember?

When it comes to children, Dutch women will make sure not to spoil them, but give them all the care they need. That’s why families in this country don’t have many kids, but focus on properly raising and educating only a few.

Dutch people don’t really involve extended family into their everyday existence. Nuclear family, containing parents and children, is the one that truly matters. Support can be expected from grandparents or siblings as well, including financial aspects. Otherwise, it’s not preferable for people coming from different generations to live under the same roof.

Independence is encouraged from early on. Most youngsters move out of their parents’ houses pretty fast, some as soon as they turn 18. Just a few end up living in a home where they grew up until getting married.

How to Find Dutch Brides Quickly and Safely

Stories of successful, loving relationships built on the Internet are many, and yours can be one of them. Dating apps sometimes only get you a few flirts that might last a few days. But websites bringing together those who are looking for something serious also exist.

Choosing the services of a Dutch brides agency might involve a small financial cost, but we can assure you it’s all worth it. At a few dollars per month, it’s better to be sure you can steer away from scams. Respectable websites offer identity verification options so that everyone knows there’s a real person on the other end of the line.

Use all the online platform’s features before choosing an ideal Dutch mail order bride. Look at profiles to see if you ended up in the right place. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you’ll have access to messaging, video calls and even translation services.

When you think you’ve found the perfect match, make sure to pay her a visit. This agency might even help you get the best plane tickets, and give extra advice on how to approach Dutch women. Don’t be afraid, if your trip doesn’t work out; you’ll still have a lot of fun in this great country. And if it does, you might just be happy forever.

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