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Iraqi brides: hidden treasure of the Arab world

For decades Iraqi society has been ravaged by war, consequent impoverishment, and the abolition of civil rights, particularly those of women. Iraqi women saw their lives depreciated and reduced to their utility as child bearers. They have long been denied the right to choose what they can wear, where they can go, and with whom they interact. All of this comes from the Sharia law, and any transgression leads to severe punishment. Girls and women are forced to wear head veils, as well as a chador that covers their entire body with the purpose of not attracting attention. Otherwise, they risk being raped, beaten or otherwise victimized.

What we've said so far about the position of women in Iraq is rather gloomy, but it's just a small portion of what Iraqi ladies have to put up with. A strong desire for leading a normal life, free of abuse, harassment and terror is what motivates many of them to become Iraqi mail order brides. A motive we can all relate to as we continue to read about atrocities committed against women in this troubled region. In this article, we'll do our best to introduce you to Iraqi women, give them voice, and show them in all their grace and splendor. We'll uncover the beautiful faces and pleasant personalities that hide behind the traditional clothing imposed on them. We'll let you see them for who they really are – delightful creatures longing for kindness and affection.

Large-scale discrimination against Iraqi women

  • Access to education. Female illiteracy rates are on the rise in Iraq as many young girls get deprived of even the basic level of education. Those that go to school rarely proceed to the secondary or higher level of education.
  • Freedom of movement. Iraqi women are only allowed to travel if accompanied by a male relative. This is notably restrictive and reduces women to being stuck in their homes, tending to household chores and family obligations.
  • Freedom of speech and social participation is severely limited for women in the Middle East and Iraq in particular. Women's organizations exist, but their activists face life threats daily.
  • Participation in the workforce. Only a small number of women in Iraq are employed. Their poor educational status further limits their job opportunities.
  • Marriage. A beautiful Iraqi woman faces many inequalities in marriage as well. Her husband is allowed to punish her in any way he sees fit, which leads to staggering levels of state-approved domestic violence. Also, she is not given the same consideration as a man in divorce, custody over children and inheritance.
  • Justification of violence and honor killings committed by men. By Islamic law, men don't get persecuted if they beat, rape or torture women. They can even kill a female relative if she’d somehow tarnished the family’s reputation.
  • High prevalence of female circumcision. This barbaric practice is still highly prevalent in many parts of Iraq, leaving hot Iraqi women with irreversible genital mutilation. Attempts to abolish this tradition have yet not gained ground in this conservative society that’s in many ways hostile towards women.
  • Forced prostitution. Many young Iraqi girls get abducted and forced into joining prostitution networks. Additionally, the institution of "pleasure marriages," a state-sanctioned form of prostitution, coerces sexy Iraqi women to become someone's wife for a predefined amount of time in exchange for money.

Meet Iraqi brides for who they really are

People who’ve had a chance to spend time with Iraqi women will tell you how nice, well-mannered, and lovable they are. If for a short while, they can forget the horrors of their daily existence, they're happy and easy-going persons, fun to communicate with. Hot Iraqi brides are every bit as attractive and sexy as their Western counterparts, and the fact that they remain hidden under layers of clothing makes them even more desirable.

Used to living a simple life with very few personal possessions they will never insist on their boyfriends and husbands buying them expensive gifts, such as jewelry or designer outfits. They do not need you to be extra wealthy to become their partner; all you need to have is a good heart. Treat her with kindness and respect, and an Iraqi mail order bride will reciprocate with love, affection, and complete devotion. She will fulfill all her obligations without ever showing signs of fatigue or lack of energy. Complaining about her workload is not something she would even consider doing. She's able and willing to contribute to your family's income by studying to get qualified for a job and doing her best to adjust to a new environment. As to her capabilities of adaptation, you will never have to worry about her not finding her way around the neighborhood. An Iraqi woman has been through worse, and she will readily overcome any obstacles that may come her way.

How to meet Iraqi brides

First of all – going through the usual channels of using an online dating service will only work to a certain degree. There are severe limitations to contacting Iraqi brides online. They mostly pertain to the low level of internet access that’s typical in this region. Due to the imposed restrictions of independent movement, the best Iraqi brides won't be allowed to venture into a big city such as Baghdad in search of an internet café. You’ll only be able to meet a small number of Iraqi ladies this way. Those will be the most emancipated ones, highly educated, and raised in families that do not adhere strictly to the Sharia law.

However, the majority of single Iraqi girls don't have access to online dating services. To contact them, you will have to go through an Iraqi brides agency that operates on site and has branches all over this country of 37 million inhabitants. They will present you with databases of Iraqi brides for marriage and facilitate communication with them.

Finding a reliable Iraqi brides agency

If the prospect of putting your romantic future into the hands of someone whose dependability is questionable makes your skin crawl, you’re not the only one. Many men, attracted by the irresistible charm of Iraqi women, fail to make the next move for fear of being scammed or drawn into a network of prostitution. Knowing who to trust can be a tricky business. As a general rule, we can tell you that marriage services that have been in business for a decade or two are usually trustworthy. It's hard to survive on such a competitive market for so long with a less than perfect track record. So what you need to do to find a reliable dating agency that offers Iraqi brides is to read as many stories published by previous customers as possible.

American, Asian, and European men have all uploaded accounts of their experiences with dating Iraqi women. Go through them diligently and find out what possible pitfalls you should avoid but also what happiness awaits you once you manage to bring your Iraqi lady home. As to this last part – you should be clear – an Arabic woman being in a romantic relationship with a Western man while living in Iraq is unheard of. It would be fair to say it's even dangerous. Iraqi women dating foreign men risk being abducted and murdered for being a disgrace for their families. That's why if you're serious about a relationship with an Iraqi lady, you should make arrangements to get her transported to your country of origin. Visiting her in her hometown is achievable but risky. We advise you to contact a local brides agency for particulars on the safest way of meeting your future bride in person.

No matter what any dating agent tells you it’s impossible to find Iraqi brides for sale. Even in a war-torn country, it's necessary to stay within the legal boundaries to avoid criminal prosecution. Ever since the invasion of Iraq, foreigners are not welcome in these parts of the world which makes a tourist visit not something you should consider. You should do most of your dating online (when possible) or contract the services of a legitimate brides agency. They will also provide services of a translator since most Iraqi brides do not speak English well enough to communicate effectively. This is due to the lack of educational opportunities they had to put up with growing up. Still, you can expect them to quickly make up for everything they missed once they are in a non-oppressive country. You will see them thrive in a stimulating environment and they will be forever grateful to you for allowing them to experience life that most of us take for granted.

Dating Iraqi brides – pros and cons

Let’s just say that getting involved with hot Iraqi women is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage to decide to date someone with as little personal freedom as Iraqi ladies have. On the other hand, if a girl brought up in such a hostile land makes a valiant effort to become a mail order bride, that's something to be respected. She would face real dangers if she got discovered, so the least any Western man can do is meet her halfway. It doesn't cost you a lot to become an Iraqi marriage agency's user, and they will provide you with the opportunity to get in touch with some of the finest ladies.

If a possibility to find your perfect match in a completely different part of the world is something that appeals to you, we recommend you look for Iraqi brides. They are not the easiest to date, but all your trouble of getting in touch with them will be worth it once you make them a part of your life. With them by your side, you'll learn what happiness really is and how to appreciate little things in life. We sincerely wish you and your beautiful Iraqi woman the best of luck building a long and happy relationship with a gorgeous Iraqi lady.

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