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Getting Under the Spell of Lithuanian Brides

Did you ever wake up wondering when will you ever find real love? Don’t get us wrong, staying single is fun too, but sometimes, people feel the need to sit down with their perfect match and watch TV while wearing pajamas. Sure, going out on dates is thrilling, one can run into an adventure of a lifetime. What about reaching that point when you want to cool down and start a serious relationship? Where do you find it?

Well, how about Lithuanian mail order brides? We've all heard stories of people finding soulmates on the other side of this Earth. Hot Lithuanian brides are waiting for you to meet them in Europe. The internet has immense power of connecting individuals, wherever they might work, live or travel for holidays. Why not let it work its magic? Grab your laptop or phone, sit back on the couch and start scrolling through profiles of Lithuanian brides online.

What You Need to Know About Lithuanian Brides

You might wonder, as we did, what all this fuss is about. A saying has long been out there, of ladies from former Soviet countries ravishing men’s hearts and minds with their beauty. Sexy Lithuanian women are far from being an exception to that rule.

Only by checking out pictures online, one might think either that they're a scam or this country is full of models. While the first option shouldn't always be left out, it's true that Lithuanian women are generally rather tall and thin, with natural curves included. They have perfectly smooth, long blonde hair and gorgeously blue eyes.

As a choice of dressing up, very colorful attires are not too common. A beautiful Lithuanian woman will choose something discrete but elegant to show her best features and feminine side.

Something quite extraordinary in their culture is about their education. School system is rather strict, but it ensures that children come out of there with a rich background of general knowledge. Furthermore, they're taught, both by parents and teachers, to be respectful towards others and behave appropriately. Also, you can expect a Lithuanian mail order bride to be well-informed regarding the country of this man she's about to meet.

Traditional family roles are not forgotten either. For example, being able to cook is still a crucial part of these ladies' lives, and it's something they learn mostly at home. They believe it's their part to keep a household functioning properly. That includes educating children and being there for their husbands as partners in a well-functioning relationship.

Hot Lithuanian women aren't too extroverted. They will seem rather shy when first getting to know you. Don't take it as a sign that they don't like you; try understanding it as an introvert’s process of getting used to someone new. Once they get comfortable, you’ll see they’re fun and friendly people.

Nightlife is a big deal in Lithuania, and these brides are the most exciting part of it. You won't feel any lack when it comes to bars or parties you can attend. Aside from that, these people like outdoors, so hiking, walking, and exploring are amongst their favorite activities. You'll find a worthy travel partner in this beautiful Lithuanian woman you’re dating.

How to Make Lithuanian Brides Yours Forever

Statistically speaking, most Lithuanians have a rather short list of former partners. This could mean that they tend to wait for the right person, or it might be a result of their seemingly distant personalities. Alternatively, it might be that they're not too fond of short flings or one-night stands. If looking for something serious, it's likely you've come to the right place.

When learning about the ways of Lithuanian women dating, keep in mind that they won't fall easily for cheap pick-up lines. They're skeptical and don't like playing dishonest games. If your intentions seem shady, they won't hesitate to end the whole date. On the other hand, they will be happy to receive sincere compliments.

In other words, show some basic respect towards another person. That includes having good manners and getting to meeting points on time. It’s true that men are fewer than women in their country, but your Lithuanian mail order bride will rather stay single than with someone who doesn’t treat her right.

Being a gentleman is much appreciated. Although highly independent, Lithuanian women won't mind if you open restaurant doors for them. They’ll accept your offer to pay the bill on a first date, but afterward, sharing is alright as well. Also, if she puts some effort into looking good, we advise that you dress for the occasion too.

Tell her stories about yourself and the things you like, but don't take over the conversation entirely. Ask your lady about what interests her - for inspiring ideas for future dates, if anything. One of the things Lithuanians don't like talking about is past relationships, so we suggest not going near that subject.

Don't assume that she’s only interested in finding rich foreign men. Her country is not that poor, and men in there are not the worst. Sure, some are heavy drinkers or smokers and have cheating tendencies, but others will represent real competition. She'll look for a personality matching hers, and you should make sure she finds yours.

It's said that there are cases of women who go on dating websites with gold-digging purposes. Most likely, you'll read in their profiles that they want extravagant, expensive gifts merely to consider going out with you. Obviously, that's a red flag, and you should go as far as possible from it, but more on staying safe online will be discussed later.

Getting Married to Lithuanian Brides

Once you've identified Lithuanian brides for marriage, you'll probably become curious about their wedding traditions. You should know that the civil ceremony and the religious one are separate events, the first one being necessary for this union to be legal.

Lithuanians used to have matchmakers at their weddings, a role which has now been taken by the best man. He is responsible for facilitating the proposal and negotiation of the bride’s dowry between the two families.

On the wedding day, the groom must go pick up his love from her parents' home. Fake brides will initially come forward, and he must choose the real one. They'll leave the house with blessings from their parents accompanied by farewell songs. Your bride will wear a wreath made of rue over her head, symbolizing purity, which will be burned later on.

After the ceremony, it's very common for grooms to carry brides across a bridge, where they also leave a lock symbolizing their strong relationship. Once they reach the reception venue, their parents present them with bread, salt, and water or wine. These are symbols of work they’ll do together as husband and wife.

The newlyweds' seats are meanwhile taken by a fake couple. Matchmakers step in and negotiate to get those seats back so that the party can start. Before cutting their cake, the bride will hand over her veil to a maid of honor and replace it with a white scarf. Also, the groom will hand over the flower on his suit to his best man.

The Family Life of Lithuanian Brides

Lithuanians like focusing on nuclear families, which include parents and their children. Large family reunions have been somewhat out of fashion for a while now, although it is still said that Lithuanian brides would like getting their parents’ approval before marriage.

In the past, even three generations of a family could live in the same house. Nowadays, independence is encouraged, and few people stay with their parents until later on in life. Both members of a couple contribute financially to their household and get involved in educating their children. Most Lithuanian women choose to have a small number of kids, usually just one or two because they like being able to put proper time and effort into raising them.

Although grandparents won't control your life, that doesn't mean they will be out of the picture altogether. It's not too welcomed, for example, for a Lithuanian to live a lush life, while leaving their parents in poverty. Also, it's unacceptable to leave them in senior homes, as care is at a pretty poor level in those places.

Right Ways to Find Lithuanian Brides

There are loads of ways to find Lithuanian mail order brides. This world is filled with dating websites and apps willing to match people according to their likes and interests. But we believe that looking for the services of a Lithuanian brides agency is the best idea.

Sure, a small cost might be required to take full use of their services. On the other hand, safety should be everyone's first concern, so paying a few dollars for a monthly membership is probably worth it. Those platforms offer identity verification options for profiles, which can make you look more credible and help find those taking similar measures into highlighting their good intentions.

Before getting an account, it should be free to look around and check if you could indeed find the best Lithuanian brides there. Afterward, start contacting ladies, and read their profiles too, so you'll make sure to share similar interests and relationship goals.

Membership cost will differ depending on the features you want in your package. Basic, cheaper ones will most likely include messaging and maybe also video chat. Others might also offer gift deliveries to your dream lady's house or translation services. The latter could be useful since not all sexy Lithuanian women have advanced English skills.

If a website says it has Lithuanian brides for sale, there are two possibilities. One, the most common, is that they offer match-making services and the previous statement was merely a figure of speech. The other, paired with thousands of dollars attached to a girl's name, raises questions as to their activity being legal. It could either be a scam or worse, human trafficking.

Our purpose here isn’t worrying anyone or getting you scared of possible adverse outcomes. We want to focus on bright sides and the possibility of finding real love. Have patience in getting to know those hot Lithuanian brides. If you already have, then, by all means, ask that Lithuanian brides agency to help you organize a trip and see your lovely lady face to face. One thing is sure: you'll meet a beautiful woman in a fantastic European country.

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