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Welcome to the world of Syrian brides

For an average westerner, Syria is a synonym for civil war, destruction, wide-ranging terror, and devastation. Albeit true to a high degree, this still doesn’t paint a picture of human suffering that’s been constant in this region since the conflict started eight years ago. Syrian women, along with other innocent civilians, are often victims of war crimes. They even get specially targeted since they are seen as weaker and less able to fight back. Unfortunately, the civil war outbreak did not mark the beginning of the mistreatment of women in the region. For centuries Syrian men were allowed to punish their wives, and women were even subject to honor killings if they somehow disgraced their family.

Bearing all this in mind, one understands why a young woman would choose to be a Syrian mail order bride. Looking to escape repression and a constant threat of violence, these ladies are keen to meet a foreign man for dating and marriage. Being raised in a patriarchal society, Syrian girls are not comfortable with having multiple partners before marrying – quite to the contrary. After reaching the legal age to wed (which is 17 for females in Syria), they wish to form a committed relationship and tie the nod as soon as possible. Women look to their husbands for protection, and marriage gives them that elusive sense of safety they long for.

What to expect from a Syrian wife

  • Protectiveness of her family. All hot Syrian brides always put their families first. Providing their husband and children with everything they need without giving much thought to their own desires is typical of them.
  • Exceptional courage and bravery. Syrian women are known to have been active participants of military actions alongside men with extraordinary audacity and selflessness. In times of peace, these personality features translate to particular altruism and caring for others that are rarely seen in the modern world.
  • Loyalty and devotion. It’s extremely uncommon for a Syrian woman to file for divorce. Marriage is for life and no matter if her partner was actually chosen for her by her family without consulting her, she will love him and honor him. It is also true for those who leave the country and marry abroad. They are extremely dedicated and loyal to their husbands.
  • Pleasing personality and great looks. The best Syrian brides have agreeable personalities so that everyone enjoys spending time in their company. They are friendly and communicative but knowledgeable of the proper decorum. They would never embarrass their husbands with public displays of emotions or hysterical outbursts. Being calm most of the time, they are fun to be around. At the same time, their physique is so appealing that an average man could hardly keep his eyes off them. Even though they never dress provocatively and prefer modesty to arrogance, they still look delightful and sensual.

Syrian brides’ attitude towards education and professional life

Deprived of the opportunity to get as much education as she would like to in her homeland, a beautiful Syrian woman marrying a westerner is eager to improve her knowledge. She will take full advantage of every chance she gets for participating in language, culture, or even cooking classes. She will never let her family life suffer for it, though – she’ll only engage in these activities after her children are dropped-off to school and house chores are taken care of. Although Syrian women are allowed to attend universities together with men in their homeland, the number of women graduating is low. Lately, more and more women have enrolled at institutions of higher education, but the dropout rate is still high, meaning that only a small percentage of those enrolled actually graduate.

Syrian mail order brides will not necessarily pursue a career once they relocate to the United States or Western Europe. They will discuss any job opportunity with their husband and only decide to accept it if they both agree that it’s the best thing to do. Born in a country where workforce participation for female citizens is low, they saw their mothers and grandmothers stay at home, raise children, and take care of the household. Having adopted this model of family functioning Syrian brides for marriage will not insist on having a job and will happily leave the breadwinning duty to their husbands.

Meeting Syrian brides via the Internet

Even in a war-torn country, the internet is still accessible in cities, which allows men from all over the world to meet Syrian brides online. Websites specializing in dating services sometimes have vast databases which are searchable by ethnicity and other filters. If you’re attracted to women of Arabic descent or Syrian women, in particular, you can easily find them online. Some even advertise Syrian brides for sale, but we can assure you this is just a marketing trick designed to lure you into paying membership fees at questionable sites.

To be on the safe side, you should only entrust your dating needs to dependable services that have been in business for long and have received great reviews. Browse the Web for discussion forums with topics concerning online dating and hot Syrian women. This will let you get an insight into the subject. You will learn which sites to stay clear of and which you can trust.

A legitimate Syrian brides agency can help you find a Syrian woman who’s the most compatible with you. They will offer you a chance to fill-in personality questionnaires and indicate your preferences and then use advanced matchmaking software for finding you a perfect match. It’s also possible to search the databases yourself and handpick ladies with whom you have the most in common. Sometimes it suffices to lay your eyes on someone’s photo and to feel an instant connection with them. In case this happens, all you should do is to initiate communication with your chosen woman and see if it really clicks.

Communication options in online dating: free and premium features

Although most dating websites invite customers to join for free, this doesn’t mean all their services are free of charge. After all, they are businesses and not charities. If you set out to meet sexy Syrian women online, you can expect it will cost you at least some money. However, membership fees are usually not high, and the prices go down as the membership period gets longer. Since we can safely presume you won’t be able to find that special someone in a month, it’s advisable to buy longer-term access to a dating service.

Premium membership typically brings an opportunity to:

  • Send unlimited messages and e-mails
  • Write blogs and participate in forum discussions on chosen topics
  • Use real-time messaging and video calls
  • Have your profile highlighted or featured higher in search results lists
  • Make use of advanced matchmaking to find a partner who’s ideally suited to you

If unsure whether a particular dating site is right for you, you might want to check out their free features first. These usually include:

  • Liking someone’s profile
  • Viewing a profile picture
  • Sending winks and smiles
  • Responding to messages and e-mails sent by paying members
  • Using basic matchmaking tools.

Arranging a meeting with your Syrian bride

Unlike various travel opportunities that are available for meeting women in different parts of the world, traveling to Syria is strongly discouraged. No matter how courageous you feel, venturing into a war-zone is not something you should do. So if meeting your chosen lady in her hometown is not an option, all there is left to do is to arrange for her to visit you. To accomplish this, you should contact your embassy in Syria or neighboring countries to find out what it takes to get her a visa. Also, many Syrian women have already left the country and sought refuge in the Western world. This makes meeting them much easier and safer for both of you. Don’t be surprised if she is accompanied by a male relative to your first date. In all likelihood, you’ll have to discuss your intentions with her father or brother before being allowed to talk to her alone.

Let us emphasize another point - no matter what option you choose for getting in touch with your Syrian bride in person it’s always important to stay within legal limits. You should never attempt to smuggle her out of the country or contract the services of paramilitary forces. That will only put you both in harm’s way.

Dating Syrian women: Are there success stories?

Customer feedback sections on dating sites are full of stories describing how two people originating from different parts of the world found happiness together. Meeting single Syrian ladies via the internet is definitely worth a shot as they are genuinely adorable creatures able to bring joy into your life. What anyone who’s used online dating services will tell you is to take your time. Matters of the heart cannot be rushed. The best piece of advice we have for you is to take things slowly. Giving yourself and your chosen bride a chance to get well acquainted before you try taking things to the next level will make it more certain you’re a good match.

Communicating online with Syrian women dating can be a really fun experience - the one you will wish could last forever. If you have never met the ladies of Syrian origin, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their finesse, candor, and unpretentiousness. Exchanging messages with them will be a real pleasure. You will get an insight into a world that’s diametrically opposed to your own and the women from which are yet so easy to communicate with. In case you harbored any prejudices against Arab women, these will be completely shattered once you meet some of them online.

We hope you find the advice provided in this article useful and wish you luck in finding your perfect Syrian bride.

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