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The Unexplored Appeal of Nepali Brides

Whenever a single man enters the exciting world of online dating, a lot of questions arise. Should one look for a match somewhere in his vicinity? Or should he explore more exotic options? The first one sounds uninteresting, while the second one appears to be a competitive market. With more and more western gentlemen gazing towards Asia and its brides, the niche gets a little crowded.

But what if you could discover a relatively new (and still exotic) spot? If this idea appeals to you, you should definitely consider Nepali brides for marriage. Gorgeous women from Nepal discovered the whole online dating thing quite recently; more than that, the country has kept to itself for quite a while, so Nepali women dating today still stay in touch with their own values, concepts, and traditions — traditions any family-centered men will come to love. Let’s find out what are those exactly, why it’s great to have a Nepali woman for a bride and how to get in touch with those mysterious oriental ladies.

Why Nepali brides are special: qualities one can’t resist

Probably the first thing that makes Nepali brides online so special is that there are so few of them — not just because Nepal is not so heavily populated, but also because this country remained closed for quite a while. Thus, these gorgeous women are surrounded with mystery, and very few men can boast they understand these ladies. And yet, as more and more Nepali brides are joining dating sites, potential grooms are discovering their extraordinary qualities. Here are just some facts about Nepali women men find difficult to resist.

Nepali brides are family-centered

This one is not exactly a surprise — most of us already know that Asian countries are conservative, and women have been traditionally in charge of the household. Still, the world is changing ever more rapidly, and so is the perception of traditionally feminine duties. In Nepal, however, the old-fashioned traditions are still alive. Even though women get access to education, households are still seen as their primary duty. This, in turn, means that your beautiful Nepali bride will probably see you as a breadwinner, and herself — as the keeper of the house. So, do not be put off if she asks you about your income — this does not mean she’s gold-digging; quite the opposite — she shows interest in your breadwinning (that is, masculine) qualities.

Nepali women are exquisite cooks

If you think that an excellent homemaker is an excellent cook by default, you’ve obviously never tried Nepali food. The point here — it’s so delicious that it definitely deserves a second mention. Nepali cuisine is a subtle mix of Indian, Chinese, and European recipes — all with a touch of local charm. And best Nepali brides know how to cook all of their traditional delicacies! Nepalese food will not be as spicy-hot as Indian one; and, it will not be as non-understandable as the Chinese one.  And, given that most of the recipes are still passed from mother to daughter, you can stay confident — you will not taste anything like it in any other part of the globe.

Nepali brides are smart and curious

We often imagine far-away Asian countries as somewhat underdeveloped, forgetting that these ancient states have a long history of science and philosophy — and, even though the latter is quite different from Western views, this by no means underestimates its value. So, hot Nepali women are not just pretty faces — they are intelligent and educated, even though their education is somewhat different from we’re used to.

Besides, Nepal has a long tradition of arranged marriages, and it is just starting to leave this tradition behind. As of today, the process is incomplete, but still, you should understand that Nepali women dating online are some of the most progressive and courageous ladies in this country — as of today. Also, you should realize that a woman like this is probably highly educated and has a job she is proud of. It does not mean, however, that she is strictly career-focused — as we already mentioned, families play a great part in Nepalese woman’s life. So, given such an opportunity, she will gladly combine both.

Nepalese women are romantic

At first, Nepali women may seem a bit naive, but you should understand that this country is not at all Westernized — and what these ladies know about Western courting comes from the movies. More than that, it mostly comes from Indian Bollywood movies, so keep this in mind. What may seem silly at first, may actually appear to be quite sweet. Yes, hot Nepali brides may have weird assumptions about dating — they will expect grand gestures, gifts, and flowers. It may sound like high maintenance, but if you think about the reward — Nepalese loyalty and devotion — the chase is well worth it.

Girls from Nepal are modest and beautiful

Even though your potential match will expect grand gestures, don’t think she’s a stuck-up. On the contrary, Nepali girls are very timid and modest — and you can plainly see that by the way they dress. These ladies never abuse makeup and hardly ever dress provocatively. Besides, they avoid bright colors and would often prefer Western-style, casual outfits. So, even though these girls will have a distinctly Asian look (with fairer skin, though), they will not remind you of ethnic beauty contests.

Nepali mail order brides: who are they?

By now, you are probably interested in sexy Nepali women and their country. Still, before you start looking for your perfect match, we have some terminology to explain. You might have come across terms like “Nepali brides for sale,” which, in turn, could have led you to a wrong conclusion. In practice, there is no legal way to buy a person — even if you wanted to (and, let’s be honest, who would want to literally purchase a wife?).

So, what the term ‘Nepali mail order brides’ really implies is that you are paying for an international marriage site services. Such sites ensure easy and interrupted communication, provide translators when necessary and offer help with visas and relocation if you decide to get married. That’s pretty much it — no other hidden meanings or representations.

As for the cost of using a Nepali brides agency, it will defer depending on the company you choose. There is more than just one out there — even though Nepal is only entering the world of online dating. If you are not certain whether to pay a third party for communication with your lady, we strongly advise you to choose in favor of paying, after all. And here’s why:

  • International dating sites may seem a cheaper option, but in practice, very few profiles on such websites are verified. As for using a brides agency, you can stay certain that all accounts are indeed real — these sites work through local divisions that personally interview the ladies and check their IDs. So, rest assured that girls are not only real but also single and eligible for marriage.
  • An average dating site will either charge you monthly fees or stuff your screen with ads. Marriage sites usually charge for particular services their clients are using: messages, chats, gifts, etc. So, you know what you’re paying for — and how much, exactly.
  • Speaking of gifts, local divisions can deliver those to your match — in person. So, if you want to send some flowers or candy (and you should, because most Nepali women will expect you to), you can easily do with the help of a local agency.
  • With a reputable brides agency, you do not need to worry about language barriers or use Google translate to decipher messages (and we all know that automatic translation can lead to severe misunderstandings). Instead, you will be supplied with a real, professional translator.
  • If you meet a Nepali mail order bride you’ll actually want to visit, the brides' agency will take care of that, too. They will help book a flight and provide safe and affordable accommodation.
  • Most importantly, brides agencies are entitled to offer legal help for those couples who are ready to get married. So, if you hate red-tape, this is your chance to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

How to find a trustworthy Nepali brides agency

Of course, it’s not easy to forget horrifying stories about online scam and gold-digging women (if you’ve heard those, of course), so the main trick is to choose a reliable service you can trust. From our experience, we can tell that there is more than one reliable company out there. At the same time, not even personal verification of IDs fully protects customers from online fraud. So, always keep in mind that not every person online is as honest and sincere as you, and do not give away any personal and financial info to strangers.

As for choosing a reliable agency, here are some tips that should prove helpful:

  • Browse the company's social media profiles to find out what real customers think
  • Register and take a look at the ladies’ profiles: do they look authentic? (But note that reputable sites supply their female clients with a professional photo shoot; so, don’t expect bathroom selfies as profile pics)
  • Make sure that the platform does not charge any registration fees — you should be allowed to sneak a peak for free
  • Find the site’s pricing policy — it should be clear and easy to understand, with no hidden fees or charges
  • Read through terms and conditions; also, pay attention to the services offered (we’ve described the essentials above)

Make online dating work for you!

Online dating gives you a unique chance to meet a beautiful Nepali woman and make her your wife. Of course, you should keep a clear head when dating online — we’ve already mentioned that no one is ever fully protected from fraud and mischief (traditional dating is not an exception, either). So, stay rational — but not too much. After all, dating is only successful when two people are ready to open up. And finally — do not expect immediate results. Dating sites and agencies may have sophisticated software algorithms and may suggest a good match. Still, chemistry plays a significant part in this process, so it just may take some time before you find a truly ideal match.

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