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The irresistible seduction of Thai brides

Thailand is one of the popular tourist destinations, so it’s not uncommon at least to have a friend who’s spent a spectacular vacation there. Among other stories, this friend will surely tell you about the mesmerizing charm of Thai women. This experience is often a life-changing one, and a gentleman will often seek to bring a beautiful Thai woman into his life. In return, Thai ladies make spectacular wives – and not only because their stunning looks are a wonder to behold. They possess all the necessary traits to make them ideal life partners. They are confident, sociable, and easy-going, but they also remain modest, and this unique combination makes every man feel utterly comfortable in their company at all times.

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What attracts hot Thai women to international dating opportunities?

Because Thailand is a rare instance of an Asian country that’s never been colonized by a European power, present-day Thai people can boast the lack of prejudice towards Westerners. Ladies from neighboring nations may feel at conflict with their traditional upbringing when considering marrying a foreigner. Thai women dating men from other counties don’t have such second thoughts. On the contrary, many of them see relationships with foreigners as an opportunity to experience new things in life and see a bit more of the world. But we cannot attribute it to the adventurous spirit alone. Statistics insist that international marriages involving hot Thai women tend to last longer and have a much smaller divorce rate compared to those between people who marry within their own culture and nationality. This is yet another argument for considering looking for an ideal wife in Thailand. One might argue that cross-cultural marriages might not work out because of cultural differences. This is in no way the case with most Thai girls. These worldly young ladies watch all the same movies and TV shows as you do, follow the same fashion trends as classy ladies of the West, and generally, know everything there is to know about life in the Western countries. That’s why you won’t have to explain every little detail of your lifestyle to her. Neither will you have to learn many peculiar details about her culture to understand her better, though doing so will always add you some points. Of course, like all other people, Thai girls can be different and have different mindsets. For example, girls from rural areas remote from major cities will be somewhat more conservative and less worldly, but those features have their undeniable charm, too. In other words, regardless of whether you’d like to meet a woman of the world or a country girl, there’s a Thai lady that will match your preferences and is only waiting for you to find her.

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Traveling to Thailand to meet Thai brides: Pros and cons

When a man gets charmed by sexy Thai women, he gets tempted to hop on the next plane to Bangkok and hit the town to meet those beauties. He may be sure that many ladies are happy to go out with a foreign gentleman. But one must be aware that a lot of those ladies are either the professional escort or simply eager to hang out. In other words, they are not necessarily ‘marriage material.’ We’re not here to judge those who are after some fun, but if your intentions go beyond that, it makes sense to consider a different approach. If you want to meet a beautiful Thai woman who shares your goals of starting a happy family, it’s best to address a reputable Thai brides agency. Such companies specialize in connecting gentlemen with Thai mail order brides – women who want these agencies to help them meet the man of their dreams. The agency will ensure that these women are indeed earnest in their intentions of marriage, not married, and of legal age. This means that you won’t meet any professionals or lighthearted party girls. Instead, you will meet women who are dreaming of becoming your happy wife and of making you happy in return.

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Things to know about Thai mail order brides

  • Men inevitably fall for Thai girls’ exquisite looks. But how is that possible given that all men have different tastes? It must be the inner beauty that radiates from within. Thai girls know it and pay great attention to their personal and spiritual growth.
  • The best Thai brides are able to master a unique balance of traits that make them so desirable. They may sometimes come off as somewhat vain, but only to the point where you find it cute. They reveal modesty but not to the point of timidity. They are confident but not to the point of emasculating their man. They are just open enough to leave the most exciting parts for the gentleman to reveal eventually.
  • Thai women know how to be a lady. They always dress appropriately for the occasion, they never forget about their manners, and they will never allow for a situation where they humiliate themselves (for example, wearing something too revealing, getting heavily drunk in public, etc.)
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A few tips on winning a beautiful Thai woman over

  1. Always mind your manners. There’s nothing a Thai lady appreciates more than a real gentleman. It’s not forbidden to reveal decisiveness, but don’t forget to demonstrate your sensitive and caring side as well.
  2. Dress sharp. In her opinion, a gentleman is also supposed to look gentleman-like. Even if you can’t boast the most athletic body, a sharp-looking suit, well-groomed hair, and thoroughly picked perfume will blow away hot Thai brides. So, don’t even think of going out on a date wearing something casual.
  3. Restrain from public displays of affection. It is considered ill manners, – something that ‘easy’ girls allow themselves. Thai brides for marriage will certainly not appreciate overly friendly gestures like hugging or holding hands all the times. However, she will most probably welcome a stolen kiss when she’s sure nobody’s watching.
  4. Don’t get too emotional. It’s along the lines of our previous tip. If you disagree with her on any point, talk about it as calmly and peacefully as it gets. Even if you don’t see raising your voice moderately as making a scene, she most likely will. It will be a red light for her, and she will say goodbye quietly and leave for good.
  5. Don’t get too pushy. Even if a gentleman is welcome to take the initiative in most matters, your beautiful Thai woman will not take it lightly if you announce your intention of marriage based on your sole decision. She believes that such decisions must be allowed to grow and ripe naturally. Of course, she’s far from willing to make you suffer for years until you finally hear a yes from her. But it’s also naïve to expect her to move to your country after just a few dates, even if they go flawlessly.
  6. Take your time until you’re 100% sure that she’s the one. While she takes her time making up her mind whether she wants to be with you, she also gives you an opportunity to take your time for the same purpose. For her, a marriage is a lifelong union, and divorce or separation is barely an option. So, if you suddenly find out that she’s not the right person for you at a later point, you won’t be able to convey this message to her ‘peacefully.’ That’s why such a risk is to be avoided at all cost.
  7. Express the wish to meet her family. Family and upbringing are the topics that are bound to pop up in a conversation. When they do, immediately tell your Thai mail order bride how eager you are to meet her parents some time. This sends her the signal that you want to become one family with her. It will also mean that you ready to impress her parents whose opinion she values dearly.
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Thai brides and traditional dowry customs in Thailand

Formally, the custom of paying a dowry is meant to compensate the family the loss of their daughter. In practice, it’s more like ensuring that the groom is indeed financially capable of giving his bride-to-be and their future children the kind of life they deserve. The amount of dowry is never random: it is calculated based on such factors as the bride’s social background, education, age, income, etc. However, even if it has to deal with quite material matters, its meaning is more of a symbolic nature. So, don’t be under a delusion that greedy parents offer Thai brides for sale. In fact, modern Thai families will usually return the dowry to you and their daughter a few days after the wedding. Besides, the amount of dowry is not meant to scare the groom away, so it will never comprise an impossible amount of money. In the highly unlikely instance that you can scrape up enough money for the dowry, it won’t mean that you should go look for another girl to marry. It merely means that you’ll have to apply a little more effort to impress and woo the parents. As we’ve discussed, all that matters to them is to be sure that their daughter won’t have to suffer through any financial hardships as your wife.

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Meeting Thai mail order brides without traveling to Thailand

As we have mentioned, there are plenty of such companies these days. Of course, you’ll have to find a reliable one to which you can trust such a serious matter as finding your ideal bride-to-be. To do so, you can browse through the websites that specialize in reviewing online dating services. They will not only inform you which sites are worthy of your trust but also give you a better idea of their services, features, functions, prices, etc. Also, such an approach to ‘bride-scouting’ has an entire set of additional benefits:

  • Agencies have profiles of numerous single Thai brides online for gentlemen to choose from. Not to get confused, you can specify all the details that matter most to you to refine your search.
  • It lets you take all the time you need and get to know your future bride appropriately. Moreover, you are not obligated to limit your communication to only one girl until you feel like it, and you can discontinue your communication at any point.
  • The agency will usually be quite helpful in organizing your trip to Thailand when the time comes. They will also be willing to help with the legal issues regarding an international marriage.
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