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Slavic Mail Order Brides: Who They Are & How to Get Them?

You may have heard about Slavic mail order brides before, but chances are — you could have gotten the wrong idea about these women. Indeed, catchy headlines like “Slavic brides for sale” do not create an image of a beautiful, smart, and independent woman — in fact, they often achieve the exact opposite. In practice, no one is literally selling you people (even if Slavic brides wanted to be sold, which they do not). Those are simply single ladies looking for a husband abroad — for many personal reasons.

You would probably come to suggest that Slavic women dating online want to escape their impoverished countries and see a man only as a way to get their Green Cards. This, once again, is not true. For starters, ‘Slavic’ is a very collective term, which today refers to many nations. Poles, Czechs, Bulgarians, Russians, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Serbs, and Slovenes — are all Slavic people (but that’s not even half of the full list). So, the one-size-fits-all approach simply will not work with Slavic women — as of today, Slavs are too diverse in culture, history, and traditions to fit any generic frame.

Simply put, “Slavic mail order bride” is just a popular online term referring to a woman from Central and Eastern Europe, hoping to find a suitable match abroad. Some of these single ladies are using mainstream dating sites, while others join specialized marriage platforms. The latter ones usually have serious intentions in mind and are not looking for casual friendships or NSA romances — differently from some mainstream site users.

If you, too, are a family-centered man who’s tired of being single, you may want to know about hot Slavic women and the way a Slavic brides agency works. In that case — read on; while it is impossible to characterize a ‘typical’ Slav, we will give you at least some basic cultural info about these ladies and offer tips on choosing a reliable dating website.

Some history about Slavic women you’ll need to know

We already mentioned that Slavic people are very diverse — both culturally and historically. Slavs are definitely the ‘majority’ nation in Europe. Starting approximately the 6th century, this Nomad tribe settled all over the continent. Present-day Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia are homes to the Western Slavs; Eastern Slavs now live in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine; Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia are today home-countries to Southern Slavs.

The dominant religion is Christianity (usually, Orthodox). However, most of the above countries were parts of the USSR, and today, these states are not that religious any more — even though some major holidays (like Christmas and Easter) are still observed.

The mere number of countries mentioned above makes sexy Slavic women hard to describe. One will need to consider too many factors and personality traits, specific for each of the Slavic states. However, it would not be a far-fetch to mention that most Slavic brides are beautiful, smart, educated and independent. At the same time, they are caring wives and mothers, and if you ever marry a woman of Slavic descent, she’ll be an excellent, loyal partner to a respectful and caring husband. But let’s dig into each of these statements a little deeper.

Slavic women and their beauty secrets

We will not go into the stereotypical image of a slim girl with fair hair and large shining eyes (even though many Slavic women do look like this). It’s enough to say that present-day Slavic women may be blondes, red-heads, and brunettes; slim and corpulent; tall or short — there is really no standard here, across all of these countries. Neither can one point out a single attitude toward clothes or makeup; some Slavic girls prefer flashy outfits and high heels, while others (those living in the big cities especially) prefer looking casually.

Still, one thing most Slavic women have in common is that they want to look beautiful and they are willing to work hard to achieve this effect. Most women in Slavic countries take great care of their skin, trying to keep it young as long as possible. They exercise and eat well — instead of famishing themselves with diets, they will choose natural, healthy ingredients. These usually include deliciously cooked meat, fish and seafood, combined with vegetables from the farmer’s market. On the whole, Slavic cuisine is different from country to country; in some parts of Europe, it’s lighter; in others — more nutritious. Still, it is mouth-watering wherever you go — and chances are, a beautiful Slavic woman knows how to cook it.

Sexy Slavic women and their attitude to families

Of course, hot Slavic women may be fit and attractive, but any man who’s set his mind on getting married knows that a great match is more than a pretty face. Ideally, a woman should be loyal and supportive — and most Slavic women are exactly like this. Europe has seen quite a lot of political turmoil over the centuries, which is why families matter a lot for most Europeans. Slavic brides for marriage are not an exception — once they find a suitable man, they will stand by his side despite all odds. To a reasonable extent, of course. No smart and beautiful woman will tolerate a lazy or slow-witted partner. However, most Slavic women are incredibly intuitive and observant — so it’s very unlikely that a man like this ever gets a chance for a second date, not to mention marriage.

Another thing that makes hot Slavic brides so special is their devoted attitude to children. Even though extended families in Europe are not that large as they used to be, most Slavic women have prior experience with children even before they have kids of their own. They tend to help out with younger siblings and nephews, they are ready to give their friends a helping hand with their kids, etc. And even though most of these women dote on children, they do everything in their power not to spoil the little ones. You will unlikely find any other women who will have so much patience with children.

Careers, education, and independence in a Slavic woman’s life

Now, you know that the best Slavic brides may be excellent cooks, loyal wives, and caring mothers. Yet, most modern men do not want to settle for a housewife these days — and not just because of financial reasons. After all, it’s hard to argue that women who spend all their life running houses eventually become a bit boring. Well, this is not the case with Slavic brides for marriage.

For starters, most of these girls do not rush into getting married. They first want to get an education and build a career — and they take both pretty seriously. Over the centuries, Slavic women used to take an active role in social and political life, even before equal rights became a thing to scream about. So, these women have independence and self-sufficiency in their genes.

But, of course, as a reasonable gentleman who wants to marry a foreign girl and have her relocate to your homeland, you do understand that it may take some time before your wife gets a legal permit to work — or finds a decent, well-paid job. So, you should be prepared — at least for some time — to be the primary breadwinner in the family. Your new wife will most likely invest a lot of effort into further education (should she need any additional courses or papers to get a job in a new country).

Once given an opportunity, she will gladly combine professional life and running a practical household. The only thing she may prioritize her career for is her child. She will make use of her maternity leave and may switch to a part-time job if given a chance. In any case, you can stay confident that your beautiful Slavic woman will be anything but boring.

Where to find Slavic brides online

As we mentioned, there are plenty of Slavic brides online, and it’s not difficult to find them on mainstream dating sites. However, if you’re serious about finding a wife (not just a date), we suggest using a professional marriage agency. First of all, both you and the eligible ladies will have similar intentions in mind — creating a happy and lasting family. And that’s already a great start!

Second, a Slavic brides agency will ensure all women are indeed real and who they claim they are. As rule, such services have local divisions where brides can verify their IDs (or, at least, such sites feature an obligatory verification system). Besides, professional dating sites are pretty helpful when it comes to arranging your trip — and, should you meet a good match, you’ll definitely want to see her in person. Finally, these agencies can offer legal help with visas and your bride’s relocation, which is a huge relief for most newly-weds.

Of course, when dating online, everyone is to exercise reasonable caution. Don’t forget that stories about online fraud are very real. However, so are the happy couples’ stories, so the trick is to choose the right platform and stay rational when talking to women you know nothing about. Don’t disclose any financial or personal info until you know more about a particular lady. Don’t ever send her money directly or share your contact details until both of you are ready. This basic security list should be enough to get you started.

As for the cost of using a Slavic brides agency, it will differ depending on the platform of your choosing. Some sites charge a monthly subscription (usually, between 10 and 50 USD per month); others bill their clients on a per-service basis. Since communication on such platforms is paid, you may be billed for the exact number of letters you’ve sent / minutes of chat you’ve used. What you should never be charged for is registration — signing up any reputable service is always free of charge.

When you register, take things slow. Talk to several women online — at this point, there are no obligations, so feel free to look around. Once you find someone special, pay her a visit but do not jump to conclusions right-away. Take things slow and, eventually, you should find a beautiful Slavic woman you’ll cherish till the end of your days!

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