• Members: 12.7 million
  • Best for: Marriage with Asian girl

All in all, AsianDate is a great service for meeting new people, especially Asian women. There are thousands of beautiful ladies online, so you will surely find someone special. Even in case you fail with one lady, there are still hundreds of other cuties waiting for your message.

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  •   There are thousands of sincere and open-hearted women

  •   There are lots of success stories online about people who met each other on the website

  •   The platform has a secure system of verification of all new female members

  •   The platform uses a specially developed credit system to allow male users to communicate with their crashe


  •   All communication features are fee-based

AsianDate review: what should you know about the service?

The field of online dating has been uniting the hearts of people, who live in different countries for years. The area is considered to be one of the most promising in the nearest future since more and more people prefer using dating sites for finding their true match. The secret of such amazing popularity is that meeting someone online is usually risk-free, convenient, and easy. Moreover, you get a magnificent opportunity to find a partner from abroad. This is especially important for people dreaming about a wife or a husband of another race. 

There are lots of different websites that specialize in dating Slavic, Asian, and Latin ladies. But why do the dating sites with Asian people remain on the rise? What makes ladies from Asia special? Let’s discover the true reasons for such a long-term dating trend.

  • They are beautiful. Girls from these countries amaze with pretty faces, excellent bodies, and strong sexual appeal. These miniature women are very hot and know what they want.
  • They are family-oriented. Most American and European ladies are often focused on building a career and developing professional qualities, while the girls from Asia are dreaming about creating happy families.
  • They are ready to move to your country. Unlike women from various developed countries, Asians will follow you anywhere in case they feel you have deep feelings. 
  • They have other psychology. People in America and Europe tend to be nervous, constantly busy and tired. However, Asians will teach you how to live in harmony and enjoy your life. 
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About AsianDate

The service is a convenient platform for dating women from abroad. There are lots of success stories online about people who met each other on the website. You might be surprised but there are millions of people, who are looking for their happiness online. Therefore, you have really high chances to become one of those lucky beggars, who have found their true love on the website. But what makes the platform unique?

  • Lots of profiles. As for the AsianDate dating site, the service is one of the most well-known platforms for meeting pretty ladies from different countries. The site contains lots of profiles of women from the USA, Europe, and Latin America; however, the platform is still focused on Asians and contains millions of ladies of this nation, who are ready for communication. 
  • Diverse ladies. The service is purposed to boost your chances to meet the lady of your dreams. There are lots of beautiful females of any age, education level, hobbies, and personal preferences available on the website. You can easily get acquainted with any and even have a romance tour in case you like each other. 
  • More women than men. It is important to note that the number of female profiles is almost two times higher than male ones. AsianDate contains about 69% of female users with only 31% of men. Therefore, you have an incredibly wide choice of women on a site. By the way, the competition between the ladies is so high that many of them will initiate conversations with you by themselves. 
  • Different communication tools. The system has everything you might need for meeting new people. There are lots of communication options, including the most modern online chat, video calls, and sending gifts. It is up to you, which communication channel to choose from this rich functionality. So, let’s take a more detailed view of how the platform works. 
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How AsianDate website works

The system was developed to bring maximum comfort for your communication. The website welcomes you with a modern and pleasant design, inviting you to sign up to start using the service. The first thing you should know is that using the platform is not free for males. Ladies are allowed to use a site for free, while men will be required to make small payments depending on the way they would like to communicate with the girls on a site.

Generally, the main goal of the system is to connect people from different countries and offer a number of advanced tools for making their communication easier and more convenient. 

The basic steps to start using the program are: 


  1. Sign up and edit your profile. After successful registration, you will be redirected to your profile page. Here you are expected to provide any information about yourself that you find special. Try to be creative and welcoming to attract a larger number of beauties to your profile. 
  2. Make your profile unique. The best option is to create a short, interesting, and unique description of your personal preferences. Feel free to write about your hobbies, plans for future, goals, and dating expectations. You can also describe the girl of your dreams here, as well as drop a few lines about what you value the most when looking for a girlfriend. 
  3. Follow the unwritten rules of online dating. Avoid making your story too story or precise not to spurn away cuties on the website. In case you provide a true story about your tastes, preferences, and purposes, women will be able to better understand whether you match or not. However, it is important to avoid exaggerating facts or writing lies in your profile – it might appear to be disappointing. 
  4. Add photo. After you’ve made your profile description look brilliant, don’t forget to upload an up-to-date and real-to-life profile picture. This way, the ladies will know how you look like and will be more friendly. Moreover, some girls might not respond to your letters in case your profile picture is absent since they just don’t know how you look like. 
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How to create account

Creating an account on the platform is as simple as a piece of cake. However, the process of sign up has several differences between men and women.

  • How do females register on the site?

The truth is that ladies might be redirected from other partner’s websites to AsianDate. This is one of the reasons why the system has so many female profiles. The ladies are not required to pay for any website service at any stage; using the platform is free. However, unlike men, girls are not getting access to the site’s functionality before they verify their person. To improve the security protection of male users, the system requires each female user to provide documents to start using the dating platform. Therefore, you will deal with a safe and professionally developed website. 

  • How do males register on the website?

There are several handy options to create an account. You can either use your Gmail profile or make a new profile with your email only. This way, you will need to enter your name and surname, age, gender, email, and create a new password. After that, you are expected to check your email and approve your new profile. Both sign up options are easy enough, so it’s up to you to choose the way to become a new AsianDate user. 

  • Free options: Men sign up for the service through the official site and don’t need to pay for registration. We also have good news for prospective male users – there are no paid subscriptions or trial period. You can sign up and study how the website works with no need to spend a cent. Furthermore, you have unlimited access to all the women profiles at AsianDate. You can use filters, look at thousands of beautiful girls to come to the final decision to start using the service. 
  • Paid options: Communication with the ladies on a site is not free – the platform has a special credit system, where each of your actions (for example, sending a message) costs you a certain number of credits. To earn credits, you need to pay for them. Purchasing is the only way to get credits and start communicating with pretty Asian women. However, the system has reasonable pricing that makes communication with beautiful ladies affordable for any common guy. 

By the way, AsianDate also has applications for Android and iOS devices available at Google Play and App Store accordingly. The apps have a similar interface to the desktop version, so you are not likely to face any issues when using the program on your smartphone. Moreover, you will be able to keep in touch with all the updates and messages from Asain women you communicate with no need to turn on your PC or laptop. Using the app is very easy, fast, and convenient. Downloading both versions for your mobile is completely free.

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Who can you find there

The majority of girls on the site are Asians since the platform is focused exactly on dating this nationality. However, other females are also accessible here. For example, there are still a few Slavic and Latin females.

You can find a woman with any appearance you can imagine. Moreover, to help you with making the choice more precise, the service has dozens of basic and advanced filters:

  • Common filters: The most widely used filter allows you choosing the country, where your girl resides. This important feature allows you to find an Asian girl, who lives in your home country. This is very necessary for men, who are not planning long voyages to Asia. This way, meeting with your new crash is likely to become much easier in person.
  • Advanced filters: Another filter is designed to help you find a woman that suits your age. There are lots of young ladies and mature women, so you can pick up someone according to your needs. There are also filters for education level and having kids option you can choose. In case moving to your country, hobbies, and career perspectives of your future girlfriend is also important for you, there are also appropriate filters for these purposes. 

The filters for choosing the right appearance are the most detailed and precise. For example, you can find women of a certain height, color of eyes and hair, as well as some other parameters. It is great in case you are keen on certain features. Otherwise, it is recommended to avoid too many filters to have a wider choice of amazing beauties. 

In most cases, when guys first sign up at the service, they are overwhelmed by the whopping number of miraculously beautiful women that look like real top models. It’s easy to lose your mind, so get ready to dive into the world of exceptional beauty. 

Unfortunately, the platform is not designed to help you with bisexual relationships. The only two options when creating an account are “man seeking a woman” and “woman seeking a man” To avoid any disappointment, it is better to look for a bisexual partner on the other platform. 

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The platform uses a specially developed credit system to allow male users to communicate with their crashes. Each action you will do on the website will cost you a certain number of credits. The credits are very cheap (the price depends on the number of digital items you are planning to purchase) As a rule, one credit will cost you $0.4 – $0.8. You are not limited by the maximum number of credits to purchase or limits to spend them at the same time. 

In case you purchase high volumes of credits, you can save your money. For example, 20 credits will cost you $16.00 while the number of 1000 credits is available for $400.

The system supports paying for its services by various types of credit cards. The connection is securely encrypted, therefore all your financial data is completely safe. The security of the connection is double-checked by GoDaddy services, so you won’t need to worry about a threat of your sensitive information being stolen by any third parties. 

It is also necessary to know that you will be also charged with a small transaction fee because of the bank system, used by the platform, is located outside the US. The commission s about 2-3% depending on the type of credit card you are using for making transactions.  

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Legit or scam service?

AsianDate always tries to take care of its customers. The platform has a secure system of verification of all new female members. Therefore, you are likely to meet brilliant girls, who are looking for a perfect match online just the same as you. 

Moreover, the platform uses the highest security encryption methods to make sure all the payments you make are 100% safe. Feel free to use either a credit card, PayPal, or other common methods to purchase credits. By the way, the payments are accepted 24/7, as well as you will get the credits you’ve purchased in a matter of seconds. AsianDate values your time, so you will not need to wait long to start using the credits (you can start spending them immediately)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AsianDate dating site?

AsianDate is a website of the world-famous AnastasiaDate family of websites. The platform is developed to unite the hearts of people in Asia and North America and give a unique opportunity to know each other better even in case you live thousands of miles away. The service offers both desktop and mobile versions for maximum convenience. You can download the AsianDate app to your mobile and avoid missing an important call or message from your new crush. 

There are thousands of sincere and open-hearted women, who are looking for true love on the website. By the way, the service reports about over 8,000 marriages were arranged by the couples met with the help of the service. That is the main reason for the platform’s amazing popularity – you have lots of possibilities to find the one meant for you. 

Is AsianDate free?

The system is free for women only. In case you are looking for a woman from abroad for dating, regular visits, or marriage, you will need to pay for getting in contact with her. In other words, searching and looking at the profiles of beautiful girls’ profiles on the website is free but get ready to spend some money if you want to start communicating with any of the females on the site. 

The paid services include chatting, performing video calls, making three-way calls with an interpreter, sending emails, making digital or real gifts to your crush. You are charged for not an amount of calls you make to certain women but for the number of minutes you’ve communicated in a phone or video call. It is also recommended to learn more about the number of credits charged for any operation with the help of the system. This way, you are more likely to use your credits wisely and have pleasant conversations with lots of different women.

By the way, you can chat, call, and send presents to as many ladies as you want. This simple trick will significantly boost the number of possible matches. In other words, one of these beauties might appear to be your true love.

How do AsianDate credits work?

The credits are used for any type of communication with female users on the website. You can freely choose how to spend your credits. Thus, you can chat, make video calls, send emails, etc. to the chosen women with the help of the credits, purchased in advance. 

Some services, offered by AsianDate are a little bit more expensive and will require more credits than the others. This includes sending digital gifts, as well as flowers and presents to your crush. A three-way call with an interpreter will also require spending more credits than a standard video call. 

If you want to save your money, pay attention to various Asiandate offers that are promoted to its users occasionally. Typically, great sales are often arranged before or during holidays, as well as some special occasions. This way, you will be able to purchase more credits for a lower price.

It is also recommended to purchase a larger number of credits in advance. The matter is that you might feel disappointed when your video chat with a pretty lady suddenly shuts down due to a lack of credits on your account. Therefore, collect more credits to make sure they won’t finish during your conversations. Make all your chats and video calls to be pleasant and not interrupted. 

How many members does AsianDate have?

Generally, there are over 2 million users from dozens of different countries. So, the chances of meeting a friend or a real soulmate are very high. With such a whopping number of users, you always have a pretty lady to communicate with in your free time. This is convenient since you can spend your time in a useful and positive way. 

As for the number of active users, the system reports of approximately 4,000 logins each day. It is a relatively high number of users that are using the platform on a regular basis. This also means that AsianDate continues to be popular and has lots of active members. This feature is surely great for all its users – you are not likely to wait for days or weeks to get a response from any beautiful woman. 

By the way, you can log in to the system anytime day and night and find lots of pretty girls to communicate in the online chat. So, you can start texting with other awesome girls in case your lady is not online when you are on the website. Moreover, many experts recommend to make your communication more diverse and don’t stick to a single lady. The more girls you meet online, the better. This means you will have more friends, girlfriends, and can find a truly loving heart in a much simpler way. 

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All in all, AsianDate is a great service for meeting new people, especially Asian women. There are thousands of beautiful ladies online, so you will surely find someone special. Even in case you fail with one lady, there are still hundreds of other cuties waiting for your message. Don’t give up trying to find a beautiful, hard-working, sincere, and loving woman on the website. There are lots of girls to choose from, where one of them might appear to be the one meant for you. 

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