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Kyrgyzstan brides: Unique splendor of Central Asia

The ancient country of Kyrgyzstan with its vibrant and colorful culture and tradition is home to some of the best looking women in this part of the world. Due to being rather isolated by its inaccessible mountainous terrain, Kyrgyzstan has long hidden its gorgeous women from the eyes of foreign men. Hot Kyrgyzstan brides are still a mystery to outsiders for reasons we’ll try to elucidate in this article. We’ll also tell you why a beautiful Kyrgyzstan woman would choose to become a mail order bride and how to come in contact with her safely.

Cultural peculiarities of Kyrgyzstan mail order brides

To grasp the complexity of Kyrgyzstan ladies’ personalities and attitudes toward life, you have to understand their homeland’s history marked by conflicts and all kinds of turmoil. Located at the crossroads of ancient civilizations, Kyrgyzstan was historically inhabited and ruled by various nations and tribes. The most recent Soviet rule that ended at the beginning of the 1990s has left the country in economic and political hardship. Having lost the large Russian market for exporting their goods, they got so impoverished that today almost 32% of the population lives below the poverty line. Scarcity is definitely one of the major motivating factors for hot Kyrgyzstan women to look for foreign husbands. This hardly qualifies them as gold-diggers, though – they just strive for a simple life in which they won’t have to worry about their safety or bare existence.

Another thing pushing Kyrgyzstan women towards online dating and looking for husbands abroad is the practice of arranged marriages in their country. For centuries this tradition has denied young men and women a chance to choose romantic partners according to their own preferences. Young people were not trusted to make such an important decision independently, so many were forced to spend their lives with someone not ideally suited to them. One way of escaping this fate was for the future bride to be abducted by the groom-to-be. This illegal practice was actually a way for a young couple to elope and marry without their families’ approval. A contemporary alternative way is to look for a husband online.

Kyrgyzstan is a predominantly rural country with less than ideally developed infrastructure. But it still has satisfactory internet coverage. Many young ladies have access to public internet facilities and some, mostly those living in cities, own personal computers. Computer literacy is at a remarkable level despite the country’s poor economic status. We have to thank the Kyrgyzstan school system for that. Namely, most children attend schools until they finish the 11th grade attaining the equivalent of high school education. Kyrgyzstan brides for marriage are well-read and usually speak English fluently in addition to Russian and Kyrgyz which are both official languages in this country.

Why choose a Kyrgyzstan lady for marriage?

  • Their looks are absolutely stunning. This is perhaps due to the extraordinary mix of Turkic, Mongol, Russian, Persian and other traits that all became part of their genetic make-up. It gives them a unique physical appearance, as unusual and exotic as ethnic blending can produce.
  • Patriarchal upbringing and adherence to traditional values. In a world that’s mostly lost its moral compass, young women who respect and uphold ethical principles, like Kyrgyzstan mail order brides, are a rare occurrence.
  • Friendly and outgoing personalities that make them easily approachable even by the timidest of men. They will neither be rude to you nor reply arrogantly to your message or e-mail. You can expect nothing but a polite conversation with someone interested in finding out what you have in common.

Is religion a big issue with Kyrgyzstan ladies?

Although religion has gained some influence in the post-communist era, Kyrgyzstan is still a secular country. Its laws are by the most part independent from any religion. The majority of Kyrgyzstan women dating are Muslim, with some belonging to Russian or Ukrainian Orthodox churches as well. An attempt to introduce religious law into Kyrgyzstan’s legislation lies in forbidding girls under the age of 23 to leave the country on their own. The only way a young woman can travel abroad is if a parent or guardian accompanies her. Keep that in mind if you ever wish to invite your Kyrgyzstan lady to visit you in your hometown.

Online dating Kyrgyzstan brides: An exciting experience

A Kyrgyzstan brides agency is not easy to come by. That is why one can resort to using dating sites with vast databases that include sexy Kyrgyzstan women. They will be listed in a specific subcategory under ‘Central-Asian women’ and quite easy to locate. Before singling out any of them, we advise you to browse through dozens of profiles to get an idea on the type of girl you’re looking for. In case you already know which ladies are the most appealing to you, just enter this preference as a search filter and get a more personalized list of possible matches. The best Kyrgyzstan brides can be tall and short, slim and curvy, blond and dark-haired, etc. Every man can find a perfect Kyrgyzstan lady for himself. Still, don’t expect this to happen the minute you click the ‘search’ button. Finding a soul mate can be a tricky business – it takes time and energy, but it’s also rewarding and fun.

Today, the abundance of dating sites on the web makes it easy to start looking for your perfect match online. At the same time, this puts you into a dilemma which service is trustworthy since you’ve probably heard horror stories of people who were defrauded by scammers. We agree that this is a genuine obstacle and encourage you to read multiple customer reviews and dating site user forums before deciding on a particular dating service. However, we can set your mind at ease a little bit – most online dating services nowadays have Fraud prevention teams dedicated to keeping their users safe.

After carefully choosing a dating site to register on, you can create a profile and then decide on the type of membership that best suits your needs. Basic features are usually available for free, but most communication options will cost you. Membership fees are generally rather affordable for an American or Western European man. However, they are out of most of the Kyrgyzstan ladies’ reach. Living in the second poorest Central Asian country, a Kyrgyzstan mail order bride will rarely be able to purchase a premium membership which allows initiating contact with other users. Therefore it’s up to you to become a Gold or Platinum member and start communication with them. You can send them a text message, an e-mail or invite them to video chat with you. Only after you had established a good connection with someone, and dated for at least a couple of weeks online should you even consider meeting them in person.

Please keep in mind that despite advertisements made by certain websites you can never actually find Kyrgyzstan brides for sale. All anyone can buy is access to a dating service’s database featuring ladies from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds including Kyrgyzstan brides. Membership fees are sometimes offered at discounted prices, but that’s about everything that’s for sale. Human beings cannot be sold; they have to decide to become someone’s romantic partner of their free will.

Travelling to Kyrgyzstan to meet your chosen lady

In spite of its many natural beauties and historical monuments, Kyrgyzstan has still not become a popular tourist destination. This is largely caused by the lack of economic or political stability in the region which makes the country rather unsafe to travel to. Transportation is yet another problem – air travel is rather limited since the local air company fails to comply with the European Union’s safety regulations. Kyrgyzstan Air can only fly to Russia, China, and other countries in the region which somewhat complicates a westerner’s desire to visit Bishkek or any other Kyrgyz town.

Nevertheless, if you have met some dazzling Kyrgyzstan brides online and are eager to meet them face-to-face, we’re sure you’ll find a way of getting there. Dating sites can even help you with that. The most prominent ones typically offer to take care of your travel arrangements. We suggest you take that offer since venturing into the unknown and entering a foreign country without proper guidance can be dangerous. Also, check with your nearest embassy for possible visa requirements for residents of your country. It’s extremely important to do everything within legal boundaries so as to avoid breaking international or Kyrgyz laws.

Upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan, you’ll probably be impatient to see the girl you’ve dated online for weeks. However, do not expect to meet a single Kyrgyzstan lady without a chaperone. It’s considered inappropriate for young women to talk to men other than their relatives without supervision. This adds a bit to your burden as you are not only expected to impress your lady but her family as well. On the other hand, if you manage to get her parents and extended family to like you, your chances of taking her hand in marriage are pretty good.

Summary: Kyrgyzstan brides are really worth struggling for

If you’re one of those men attracted by whatever’s hard to get and thrive in the face of adversity, Kyrgyzstan ladies can prove the right choice for you. Hidden from the other cultures for centuries by the remote location and inaccessibility of their country, they are a real gem to be discovered. Those who already established a connection with a Kyrgyzstan girl will eagerly tell you what bliss was introduced into their lives ever since. These exotic beauties will make your heart skip a beat every time you lay your eyes on them and yet living with them will be the easiest thing ever. They will adapt to your lifestyle, charm your friends and family, and be everything you could wish for in a woman.

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