• Members: 17 million
  • Best for: Meeting an European woman

According to Ashley Madison review, the platform is considered to be 100% safe and strictly confidential. The matter is that a few years ago the service was hacked and flagged with a significant personal data leak. Since then, the platform was rebuild and boosted its security features to become safer and more trustworthy for all users. 

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  •   Has a large membership pool

  •   Has an active community

  •   Free sign up

  •   Sending messages to other users is free for women

  •   App is available for iOS and Android


  •   Members don't often fill out their profiles

Ashley Madison review: top facts about the service

Even in case you’ve never used online dating apps, you’ve probably heard about Ashley Madison, one of the most famous dating services globally. If you are looking for casual dating, creating a long-term relationship, or finding a wife, this platform will not meet your expectations. The truth is that the service is developed for those people, who are currently married or having a serious relationship but want to have an affair with someone else. 


The program is present on the global dating market since 2001 and gained over 25,000,000 users from the USA and other countries. The service is still miraculously popular. It can boast to attracting around 1,000,000 new users each month. 

Leaving aside the moral option of the service, Ashley Madison is a unique platform that has lots of features to offer. Not only there are users from the United States, but also lots of hotties from other countries. Therefore, you can enjoy having an affair being on a business trip or on vacation miles from your home. This is surely very convenient and handy. 

According to Ashley Madison review, the platform is considered to be 100% safe and strictly confidential. The matter is that a few years ago the service was hacked and flagged with a significant personal data leak. Since then, the platform was rebuild and boosted its security features to become safer and more trustworthy for all users. 

Feeling interested in what the service can offer? Looking for a perfect environment to find a person for cheating? Find out the most detailed Ashley Madison review with all the new features and options described in detail. 

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How to start using Ashley Madison?

First of all, you will not need to provide any documents or pass a long verification process to start using the service. Using the platform can be absolutely anonymous, so you don’t need to disclose any sensitive information. The entire registration process on the service is free. 

The signup process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. By the way, unlike using the program, it is the same for both male and female users. The procedure of creating an account is pretty standard. You will need to type your unique login name and add an email for confirmation creating your profile. You will also need to point out some basic information about your relationship status (married or in a long-term relationship), your ethnicity, age, gender, and some other parameters. Among the appearance features that you need to provide are only weight and height. 

You can also describe your limits, whether you have any smoking habits and add some specific information about your desires and dreams. Remember that the more information you provide, the easier the process of picking up a person online is likely to be. 

Don’t forget to download your current photo to attract more users to your profile. The secret tip is that most users prefer establishing connections with people, who have a profile picture. In case you would like to stay more private, you can skip uploading your photo and send it to the chosen people with whom you would like to have an affair. However, this way, you are not likely to get hot proposals from other users online since they don’t know who you are and how you look like. 

It is also necessary to pick your location to allow other users from your area to find you with minimum efforts. This is a great option for those, who want to have an affair not far from home. 

To Ashley Madison review, the registration process usually takes up to 10 minutes. It can be effortlessly completed even by users with no online dating or cheating background since using the platform is clear and understandable. After you’ve successfully filled out your profile, you can begin searching for the crush for an easy affair. Other users will be also able to see your profile and can initiate conversations with you.

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Who can use Ashley Madison?

Both male and female users can effortlessly start using the popular service. The only thing you should definitely know that the number of men using the platform is significantly higher than the number of ladies. Therefore, guys might face some competition to win a certain woman. However, if you have a good profile, are polite and open-minded, picking up a cutie for a one-night stand is surely possible. 

By the way, all the users should be careful with using the platform. As for the other dating services, the platform still has fake profiles. That is why make sure not to disclose your credit card numbers to other users, as well as avoid sharing too sensitive data. By the way, the support team of the service is fighting scammers – these users are banned from using the program. 

It is also worth mentioning that most people on the website have relationship goals, similar to yours. Most guys and girls are looking for an affair or a one-night stand with a married partner. That is why you will not face any judgment or offense when using the platform. All the users are free spirits, who want to refresh their sexual life with a new partner aside from their long-term relationship. By the way, there are lots of Ashley Madison reviews that prove that using the service appeared to be successful – most users found a partner for cheating with the help of the website. 

Not to mention, not all the ladies online are searching for a one-night stand. There are plenty of hotties who would like to find a regular lover to meet all their hot desires. Therefore, you can also find a cutie for regular dating aside from your relationships. 

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Ashley Madison: the quality of profiles

There is nothing new that most users prefer having maximum privacy on cheating-related websites. That is why you can hardly find lots of completely detailed profiles on the platform. In most cases, you will be able to discover the nickname, area, zodiac sign, and some basic preferences of the user. This makes using the service entertaining and adventurous. 

As for the photos, many users provide with blurred or edited photos in their profile (you can do the same for your pictures, too) However, there is one option that allows showing off real unedited photos, too. A user can give you a special key to allow access to his or her private photos. It is also necessary to understand that your profile pictures are visible to all platform users. You can also search in the user’s database and watch photos of other people. All for free! You will not need to pay a cent to unlock this option – it is allowed to all users by default. 

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Is Ashley Madison easy to use?

The service was designed for beginners in the sphere of online dating and those who want to say private when having an affair. The program’s design is very simple – all the functions are available right on the main menu. There is no need to spend minutes searching for a special function – all the needed options are collected in a single place for your convenience. Unlike most platforms, Ashley Madison doesn’t show off its main menu at the top of the web page – you will need to scroll down a bit to find it. The website is designed with pleasant white and pink colors which makes you feel relaxed and unveils all your worries. 

The platform has also a special offer for those people, who are always on the go. Ashley Madison has an application for both iOS and Android users. The app can be downloaded for free on the digital markets for these devices. The functionality of the app is exactly the same as in its desktop version. Moreover, it requires minimum free space on your gadget and is incredibly easy to navigate. The web developers also took care of your privacy – the app’s icon looks not suspicious and doesn’t contain any girls, hearts, or anything related to the sex industry. Among its additional functions are ease of making likes with just a swap and an opportunity to discover new members that are located near you. Don’t forget to switch on your location to allow the app to unlock this function. Feel free to find awesome partners for cheating right in your mobile. 

You can also stop using the service anytime. The platform offers two options for your convenience. These are deactivating and deleting your profile. You can deactivate a profile to hide it in search results of other users. No one will be able to see your profile when searching for a partner. You can reactivate your profile anytime by contacting the support team. Another option is deleting your account. This way, your profile along with all your personal data will be completely deleted from the servers with no possibility to reactivate it. That is why it is better to think twice before deleting your account.  

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The platform’s unique features you should know about

The service has a whopping number of various functions that are 100% unique and are not available at other dating platforms. So, how can you benefit from using Ashley Madison? Here is a list of the best functions and options, offered by the premium dating service for special needs. 

  • List of favorites. You can bookmark up to 100 profiles of the users you like the most. This option allows keeping in touch with the availability of the hottest users and respond to their inquiries within the shortest terms. The function is considered to be one of the most widely used by the platform’s admirers. 
  • Wink. Sending winks means showing off a chosen person you are interested in him or her. This option is available at the profile of each user. To send a wink to a hot person you like, just press the corresponding button in his or her profile. 
  • Secret photos. This option stands out for your privacy. With the help of discreet photos option, you can blur your photos, add special filters or hide your face with a mask. Other users will not be able to see the originals of these pictures without your permission. In case you want to show someone unedited photos, you can send them a special key. By the way, this option is widely used by thousands of active website users. 
  • Topman. This function is also called a Priority man. It can help you to stand out from the crowd of other male users and become more visible to ladies on the platform. It’s like a superb boost to your profile that allows finding a new crush easier and faster. Although it is a paid service, it is surely worth its money. 
  • Traveling Man. This service is on high demand for those guys, who travel a lot and often have business trips to different states. The app allows sending messages to 30 females in a chosen area, giving you an opportunity to choose the best cuties before your arrival. 
  • Messaging. The messaging option becomes available to all the users after purchasing the credits. By the way, the messaging option is free only for female users. 
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Ashley Madison: free and paid services

Being a premium service for establishing a hot relationship for a short-time period, the platform offers lots of advanced functions. Some of them are free, while others will require little payments. To make the pricing clear, we’ve divided the app’s functionality into two different groups. 

Platform’s free services: 

  • Registration and creating a profile
  • Adding users to your favorite list
  • Using various filters and searching in the database of users
  • Like and Wink options
  • Discreet photo option

Platform’s paid services: 

  • Sending messages to females
  • Profile boost option
  • Getting and opening emails
  • Sending digital gifts to other users
  • Travel Man option
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Ashley Madison review: the pricing policy

As for the females, they have an opportunity to use the service for free. All the options are offered to pretty ladies for no extra cost. However, the situation appears to be completely opposite when it comes to male users. Men can use a large number of functions for free, while some functionality is available only for money.

To start using paid features, you will need to purchase credits. The credit packages contain 100, 500, and 1,000 credits available for $60, $170, and $290 correspondingly. As far as you see, the higher the number of credits you purchase, the cheaper they appear to be. The platform also charges a $15 service fee when purchasing credits. The payment options available at the system are all convenient. You can pay for the service via PayPal, Direct Debit or Credit Card. All the payments proceed in a secure way and are very fast. That is why you can start spending your credits almost immediately after the purchase. 

Spending your credits is very simple. Each paid option on the website will cost you a certain amount of credits. For example, a 30-minutes chat is available for 30 credits, getting an email of a chosen hottie will cost you 5 credits. The service has a completely understandable credit system, so you always know what are you paying for. 

Compared to other services, Ashley Madison has an affordable pricing policy that will not harm the budget of a common user. 

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The Verdict

Ashley Madison is a unique solution for those people who look for an affair and would like to diversify their sex life with minimum efforts. The platform offers a secure option to find a crush for a one-night stand or casual dating. In case you are looking for a serious relationship or would like to get a bride, it is better to choose another dating service. Ashley Madison is for those looking for hookups and terrific sex experience with hot ladies or gentlemen. The platform offers top-quality service, protection from scammers and an easy way to communicate with people you like online. 

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