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Irresistible Latin Charm of Colombian Brides

When one talks about stereotypical Latin beauty, they most often have the image of a beautiful Colombian woman in mind. Indeed, hot Colombian women embody all the traits and features that attract men to Latin beauty in the first place. Marrying one of them will certainly make you happy, and all your single friends will envy you. Today, the Internet gives every gentleman the opportunity to meet and date Colombian brides for marriage without even having to fly all the way to their country. Here, we’ll discuss those international dating services. We’ll also provide you with useful tips on how to win the heart of a Colombian mail order bride, what to expect and not to expect of her, what she will expect of you, and some other essential details you need to know to become a happy husband of a Colombian beauty.

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Why these girls become Colombian mail order brides

  • First of all, like all other women across the world, they want respect. Sadly, Colombia still remains one of those places where a man often sees his woman as nothing more than a chef with a sexy body. She wants a man for whom she will be important as a person with her own judgments, opinions, and emotions.
  • Such widespread attitude of Colombian men leads to an overwhelming amount of domestic violence instances, including that of sexual nature. So, she would reasonably prefer a man from a background where domestic violence is frowned upon.

  • Colombia has a comparatively well-to-do economy, but Colombian men are rarely motivated to get a job allowing them to provide for their families the way they deserve.
  • Given the number of stunning women in Colombia, the infidelity is somewhat understandable for many Colombian men. It is, however, a poor excuse for women. That’s why the best Colombian brides often choose to seek a faithful man from another country.
  • A lot of Colombian women are enthusiastic about realizing themselves career-wise, even though they are not willing to sacrifice family for that. But they bump into a wall of traditionalism that dictates women to stick to being housewives and getting unqualified low-paid jobs now and then. That’s why sexy Colombian women will be eternally grateful to a man who takes them to a more female-friendly environment
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What kind of women are Colombian mail order brides?

Like most Latin American countries, Colombia can boast ethnic diversity. As such, many hot Colombian brides will descend from Native Americans, others will be of African heritage, while some will trace their roots back to the first settlers from Spain or other European countries. Most Colombian mail order brides will be some combination of the three. It means that you will find a woman to your taste in Colombia, no matter what your taste in women is. Besides, one cannot but agree that all Colombia brides for marriage are spectacularly attractive regardless of their background. You should know that their enviable genetics is only a part of it. Here, women strive to achieve beauty ideals by all means – makeup, fashionable clothes, fitness, healthy lifestyle, and even plastic surgery which is more common than in other parts of the world. You will, however, soon find out that few Colombian girls actually need this last extreme.

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Most common personality traits of hot Colombian brides

  • They are highly sociable and always energized. They would really enjoy a swell party in a nice company.
  • You won’t have to worry about ‘inappropriate’ jokes with them. They can boast a splendid sense of humor, they love to laugh and can go along with literally any joke.
  • Punctuality is not as much of a big deal for them as it is for most people in Western countries. So, you need to be ready that your Colombian beauty will be a little late for a date more often than not. You shouldn’t regard it as a sign of disrespect. Instead, try to treat it as lightly as she does.

  • They are passionate about dancing. Be ready to dance your feet off until the early morning. If you don’t consider yourself the greatest dancer, it doesn’t matter – what matters for her is the emotion you put in it.
  • As we’ve discussed, Colombian women are concerned about faithfulness. It’s difficult for them to get a grip on their jealousy. So, you’d better take care that you don’t look at another lady in the street for an extra moment!
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Colombian women dating: DO’s and DON’Ts

After the necessary period of online communication, the next logical thing to do will be to come to Columbia and meet in person. You may have heard alarming stories about the criminal situation in this country, but in reality, reasonable precaution is all it takes to keep you safe from harm. Besides, your Colombian brides agency will most likely be eager to organize your trip most efficiently and safely: take care of your flight arrangements, pick a hotel in a nice part of town, etc. So, you’re in Colombia, sitting in your nice hotel and feeling nervous about your first date with that gorgeous lady. Of course, you’ve been chatting for quite a while now, so you should know her likes or dislikes, but what about some things that she didn’t mention because she thought they were implicit and self-explanatory? No reason to get nervous, here are the top 5 most common DO’s and DON’Ts of Colombian women dating: 1: We have already mentioned that punctuality is not considered a necessary virtue for Colombian ladies. So, if she shows up on time, you should be pleasantly surprised, but DON’T count on that by default. In fact, it’s best if you DON’T even mention it. She must have a good reason to be late: She must have taken that extra time to make herself look particularly stunning for you. So, instead of feeling grumpy, DO compliment her looks. Besides, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about your punctuality: DO come on time at least to take care that your table isn’t taken. 2: DO surprise her with a little present, but DON’T make it too expensive. You don’t want her to get an idea that you’re merely trying to buy her. These women are not some Colombian brides for sale. A box of candy she likes or a bouquet of her favorite flowers should suffice. 3: DO pay the bill at the restaurant. In Colombia, when a real gentleman asks a girl out, everything about the date is his responsibility, including paying for everything. This, naturally, doesn’t mean that you get to decide which meal or drink you can afford for her, DON’T be cheap. Colombia generally has quite affordable prices at restaurants and clubs, so a night out shouldn’t get you broke. 4: If the idea of taking her out to a restaurant still doesn’t seem exciting to you, DON’T tell her about it. Instead, DO suggest an alternative. For example, you can ask her which nature sights are the most picturesque in the area and suggest a picnic there. Colombia is famous for breathtaking landscapes scattered quite densely around the country. Not only will such a date cost less, but your lady will most likely insist on preparing the snacks, so you will get the chance to taste her delicious cooking. 5: Some Colombian women may feel humbled to let a man pay for her at a fancy restaurant. It doesn’t mean, however, that she will ask you to split the bill. Instead, she might ask you for dinner at her place. DON’T assume that she invites you to spend this night with her. Such an invitation means that she wants to take your intimacy to the next level but in a different way. Most likely, a single Colombian girl still lives with her parents, so you’re about to meet them. Family ties are usually much more important for Colombian women than for their counterparts in the Western countries, and her parents’ opinion about you will matter to her greatly. So, DO try your best to look presentable for them and impress them. And, of course, DON’T forget to compliment her cooking.

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What a Colombian brides agency does precisely

Since you’re here, we may assume that you have heard stories about gentlemen meeting their Colombian brides online and living happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are also stories about how the dream bride turned out to be only after a green card or money and about gentlemen being scammed otherwise. It’s only natural to be reasonably cautious about the very idea of meeting and marrying a girl from a thousand miles away and, more importantly, from a different culture. To combat this doubt, it should suffice to quote the statistics: International marriages through brides agencies tend to last longer and have a much lower divorce rate than the average. There’s no magic to that – it’s mostly because an international couple can take all the time they need to get to know each other. This way they avoid the risk of rushing into such a vital decision. Instead, they make a commitment only when both of them are 100% sure that they are indeed meant to be together. When we put it that way, trusting a reputable mail order brides service seems much more efficient than the old-fashioned ways, doesn’t it? That is not to say that scams don’t happen. At the same time, no reputable service wants to be associated with shady activities. In this industry, dating agencies go to great length to ensure that the girls whose profiles are on their websites are indeed eligible and that their intentions are as earnest as yours. First of all, they check the girls’ documents to confirm that they are of legal age and their marital status. More than that, they interview the girls to sort out too shady or light-minded ones. This way a gentleman can be sure that he will only meet authentic and eligible ladies who have the same goal as he does – creating a happy family. Once again, it seems like a much safer and more efficient option than desperately looking for your ideal match at bars and having to fish out all the relevant answers yourself. On top of that, your agency will not only organize your trip to Colombia when the time comes. They will also assist you with all the paperwork necessary for international marriage. So, pick a trustworthy mail order brides agency, and be sure that your ideal bride awaits you there.

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