• Members: 8.6 million
  • Best for: marriage with Slavic girl was founded in 2009,  and it has already become a respectable dating platform. Let’s see how this dating website holds up. Finding the right partner for marriage is often a burden for many people in the world. But with today’s access to international communication, it became much easier. If you want to meet a family oriented woman, then Russian and other Slavic women at J4L would be the best choice.

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  •   An impressive number of ladies registered: no less than 3500 women members online at any time of the day

  •   Joining the community, as well as the membership itself and a set of essential functions, is free

  •   Even non-registered visitors can browse around profiles and use the search option to see if the site is to their liking

  •   All the means of interaction: emails, live chat, video chat, and more


  •   No app, only web version

  •   Most features you’d like to use are paid

  •   J4L stands for “Jump for Love,” and it is one of the websites offering to connect gentlemen with their desirable potential wives from Russia and Ukraine. Such connections became possible after the fall of the Iron Curtain and, unfortunately, gave wide opportunities for various fraudulent activities, stigmatizing the very mail order brides phenomenon.

img – Can You Meet Your Dream Partner Here?

Finding the right partner for marriage is often a burden for many people in the world – especially if you limit your search with your nearest surrounding. With today’s access to international communication, it only makes sense to expand your search worldwide. If you struggle to meet a woman that would share your traditional mindset about family life and gender roles in a family, then Russia and other former Soviet republics would be the ultimate place to look for your dream wife. Women in these countries barely have to suffer from the lack of equal opportunities in education and career, but their upbringing still makes them geared toward the role of a wife and a mother.

But how do you meet one of those lovely Russian or Ukrainian girls? First, the Internet does not erase the distance and the language barrier entirely. Second, it would be foolish to fly all the way to Moscow or Kyiv without any precise plan in mind. Fortunately, plenty of gentlemen wish to date and marry Russian and Ukrainian girls, and this massive demand gave rise to numerous services facilitating such communication., for instance, has been around for almost a decade, which is a tremendous amount of time for online industries. If it has survived for so long, then there must be reasons why it’s so popular among its clientele, right? Let’s take a look.

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Why international dating services are in demand

More often than not, a man initially falls for a woman’s appearance. In this regard, East European women can boast being arguably the most desirable for many men worldwide. This is a result of combining nature and nurture, genetic factors and good care.

But – while Russian and Ukrainian women do take pride in looking attractive, they don’t center their whole lives around it. For them, the top priority in life is always family. They often excel in education and career, but they will never sacrifice their family happiness for either of those.

Of course, they will not feel enthusiastic about locking themselves in kitchens. So, they will do their best to organize their household errands in a way that also allows them to spare enough time for a variety of other engagements – from a hobby or a part-time job to charity work or other social activity.

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How does fit into this picture

With all of its undeniable advantages, online dating can still have its challenges and pitfalls, especially when you have serious intentions in mind. The primary issue is to find the right dating website – the one comfortable for you to use and the one you can trust. Let’s see how well fits into that.

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Entering J4L for the very first time

Online dating websites generally tend to be straightforward and self-explanatory. took an extra mile here and supplied some sections of the website with additional instructions when they have deemed that a visitor may have questions. For example, you can see such instructions when you’re on the ”Search” page, and you scroll down to the bottom.

Notably, you can use the search option before you even register with the platform. Likewise, you might as well browse through women’s profiles aimlessly just to look around. does an excellent job at representing itself to potential users, as opposed to many other dating websites that have nothing but a registration form on their front pages.

Here, an unregistered visitor can also see the options that will be opened to him once he joins the community: watching not only photos but also video clips recorded by the ladies, as well as video calls. Well, he can see that they’re there, but, to access them, he will first have to register. Registering and completing the profile, however, will take you no more than five minutes, but you can make it even faster by logging in with Facebook.

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For starters, it is worth noting that the website uses a secure SSL connection. Translated to English, it means that any information you exchange with the website’s server will only be accessible to you and the server. You won’t have any reason to worry about the safety of your information.

Another concern worth addressing is the scam. Occasionally, you can stumble across a story about a poor gentleman who got fooled by a mischievous mail order bride. For some reason, people tend to extend this stigma to the whole mail order brides phenomenon. In reality, it doesn’t happen any more often online than with couples who meet offline, but it barely ever leads anyone to get disappointed in dating in general.

Nevertheless, responsible online dating services see it their duty to address this concern. That’s why takes extensive effort to monitor and profile Russian and Ukrainian women on the website. Their anti-scam service contacts women to make sure not only that they are indeed real people but also that they are honest about their intentions.

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Finding your lifetime partner with

Once you have created your profile, all you need to do is to follow the intuitive steps: browse the profiles randomly or use the search engine, click on an interesting profile to know more about the lady behind it, and then click on the self-explanatory icons hinting you at what you can do: chat, call with video, send a gift, etc. Still, it may make sense to take a more detailed look at these steps

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Becoming an active member of dating community

The registration process at is no different from that of many other online dating services: you mention your basic information (name, country, email, and desired password) to have the account created for you. From this point, you can already buy some credits and enjoy fully-fledged membership. It is, however, strongly recommended not to do it with a blank profile. It takes a couple of minutes to complete your profile, and then you get represented to the ladies who may be interested. By completing your profile, you increase your potential response rate.

Alternatively, you can take the easier way and log in with Facebook. Then, your profile will be created, and some of the details will be filled automatically using your Facebook profile. In this case, you will still have to fill out some of the fields yourself – most notably, your personal description and your expectations of a partner (not more than three sentences each).

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Looking around and finding the one

Websites like this are a rare occasion where so many attractive women get gathered in one place. It is easy for a true admirer of women to get carried away in a situation like this. It may be a good thing that you can only do “passive” things without purchasing credits: look around, receive messages, etc. To interact with other members, you will need to buy credits. Be strongly recommended not to jump directly into it. Take your time, look through profiles, add the ones you find most attractive to your favorites, and only then purchase credits to interact with them. Picture the kind of woman you’d like to meet as detailed and vividly as you can, and then see how the women you see on the website correspond to this image. Luckily, you can instantly see all the essential information right here in their profiles: from biometrics to habits and hobbies.

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How much money will you spend at

Not more than you want. There is no registration fee or any regular payments. Basically, you buy as many credits as you are willing to spend. You can see the full price list at the website’s Terms of Use page. Usually, $20 per month should be quite enough for regular and meaningful conversations.

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