Estonian Brides and their Baltic Charm
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Chances are, you’ve never heard about Estonian brides for marriage before — even if you’re not exactly new to the world of online dating. It’s true that many single gentlemen overlook small countries they know little about and start exploring far-away and — to be completely frank — utterly exotic destinations that eventually give them a cultural shock.

At the same time, few men pose to think that Estonia is famous for its top models (this country has the highest ratio in the whole world), and these gorgeous ladies are hanging out online. Of course, we’re not claiming that all Estonian mail order brides are models; still, if you ever take a look at several of those ladies’ profiles, you will unlikely want to look any further.

Then again, it’s somewhat immature to judge the book by its cover, so let’s find out more reasons why a man may want to look for a perfect bride in Estonia.

Estonian mail order brides: someone you can’t resist

Before we start telling you all about Estonian women, let’s put some things straight. Whenever you hear a term like ‘Estonian mail order bride,’ you should never imagine an agency literally mailing you a real person. The slang phrase merely implies that you are paying an international marriage agency’s fee, and the agency ensures easy and interrupted communication with the ladies you like. So, do not let flashy headlines like “Estonian brides for sale” confuse you — no one is talking human trafficking here. Besides, Estonia is a well-off, civilized country and local brides are not destitute to leave it. So, if you had any concerns on this matter, it may be the right time to leave them behind.

Now, let’s skip to the truly exciting part — what makes Estonian women such amazing wives and why men from all over the globe are dying to win them over? Here’s the basic insight you should know.

Class and tradition in Estonia

To understand the women, you should, first of all, understand the country. Of course, proper understanding in this particular case takes years of experience — living in the country, interacting with the locals, etc. Still, what you can understand about Estonia right now is that it is a European country, and like most other countries with an old and rich history, it’s way more conservative than the States.

You should not, however, imagine Estonian women as stiff bores. Quite on the contrary, these ladies are very social and lively; yet, they never forget their manners. These small but meaningful traditions — opening the door for a lady, paying a bill in a restaurant, giving her a hand when she walks down the stairs — they’re all alive in Estonia. Such details may seem irrelevant, but think of them the other way: women here are not afraid of staying feminine, and they are ready to give their men a leading role. And that’s very refreshing in today’s setting of aggressive (and often pointless) feminism!

Estonian brides’ family values

Given such an attitude to manners and etiquette, it’s no surprise that the best Estonian brides have conservative family values. Most of these amazing women still have no problem taking responsibility for traditionally feminine roles: making sure the house is tidy, cooking dinners, and — most importantly — raising the children. Speaking of kids, Estonians don’t go overboard — one or two children per family is a standard here. So, if you ever get married to a beautiful Estonian woman, it’s very unlikely that she would want a large family.

Education, career and intellect

Even though hot Estonian women are devoted to their families and take great pride in keeping the household, they are still modern women who value their careers. Given a chance, she will try to combine the two — and, we must admit, most Estonian women successfully manage both. And we’re not talking about part-time positions here — over a half of Estonian women have full-time jobs. Perhaps, one of the reasons why they are so successful is that very few people in Estonia drop out of school. The education level in the country is impressive, so your bride may surprise you with an in-depth knowledge of many subjects.

More about Estonian brides’ looks

We cannot stress this enough — Estonian women are exceptionally beautiful. You probably imagine a typical Estonian girl as a tall blonde with a slim figure and blue eyes — and you’re quite right to do so. But, if you’re more into brunettes or red-heads, it’s also possible to find them in Estonia. After all, no country, no matter how far up North, can consist of blondes only. Estonia, in particular, had its share of invasions and political turmoil, so an extra ‘influx’ of genes was inevitable. Still, it’s one of the few countries in Europe that remain more or less mono-ethnic.

What Estonian brides are after in a man?

With all this insight, you probably wonder what you can offer to such amazing ladies and why they’re looking for a man online, in the first place. Well, for starters, Estonia has a slightly skewed male/female ratio, where women outnumber the men. So, the first reason is a purely statistical one.

Next, we all know how hard it gets to maintain a social life while working a full-time job. This may well be one of the reasons you went searching for a bride online, and this is one of the reasons why Estonian girls are exploring the same option. Then again, these ladies’ education and excellent social skills make them curious about other cultures, which is another reason why they look for a man abroad.

Finally, if we started talking about social skills, we must admit (in full honesty and with zero prejudice) that Estonian men aren’t as sociable as the ladies. There are literally thousands of jokes on this subject, but the fact is — Estonian girls are often bored with Estonian men. As simple as that. So, if you ever want to win over an Estonian woman’s heart, don’t be a nerd — that’s already a great start.

How to win an Estonian woman’s heart

Not being boring or socially awkward with Estonian women dating online may be a good start; still, it cannot take you the whole way. So, let’s see what other tips may come in handy when competing for an Estonian woman’s heart.

  • Take relationships seriously. Most women in Estonia are too conservative for a brief romance (not to mention a one-night stand) and take relationships seriously. In fact, they are so much interested in mature men they would often go for an older partner.
  • Show interest in her culture. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but your beautiful lady may tell you a lot of interesting things, so ask away — and you may be surprised.
  • Don’t be pushy. Estonians, with their tight manners, may come off a bit reserved, but don’t think that rude or plain jokes will break the ice. Instead, have patience — your gorgeous lady will open up eventually; it just may take her longer than you'd expect.

How to choose an Estonian brides agency that works?

Now that you have some idea what Estonian women are like and what they are looking for in a man, the next question is — how do you find them? More importantly, why would you choose to pay the fees of an Estonian brides agency if you can use any international dating site or even fly there yourself and try your luck onsite?

The answer is pretty simple — the odds of finding your one and only during a brief vacation are ridiculously low. As for international dating sites, you can try your luck there, but you should understand that some profiles may be inactive; others might be fake, which is even worse.  Besides, most dating sites also charge for their services, so you can’t expect your online romance to be 100% free.

A legit brides agency, on the other hand, ensures that all profiles on their sites are real — through personal verification. The agency also ensures that women are truly single and eligible for marriage. And finally, a legit agency makes it a bit easier for you to charm hot Estonian brides by offering these extra services:

  • Translation: most sexy Estonian women will also be highly educated and will have no problem chatting with you without a translator’s help. In some rare cases, however, extra assistance is always welcome — it helps to make sure no language barrier or misunderstanding stand between you two.
  • Gift delivery: online dating can be tough — simply because you cannot pay your beautiful lady all the signs of affection she deserves. Well, with a reliable agency, you can! Such sites can deliver flowers, candy, and other small gifts directly to your match.
  • Travel arrangements: sooner or later, you should want to meet your lady in person, and the agency can take of all the travel details, including flights and accommodation.
  • Legal help with getting married: we all know how much time and effort the paperwork takes. So, if you ever decide to get married, arranging all the legal details may be a nightmare — visas, relocation, etc. With a reputable agency,  you can easily take this load off your shoulders.

So, you can see that sometimes the cost of paying their services is well worth it. Otherwise, it would be way more difficult for a single man to find (and charm) a beautiful Estonian woman.

Next, note that there is more than just one legit company out there, so you’ll have a vast choice of options. Namely, you can focus on agencies that deal with Estonian brides online exclusively. Or, you could join a site that operates in the whole Baltic region — here, the choice is up to you. Here are some extra pointers that should help you determine if the company you are about to consult is a professional one:

  • Make sure the site does not have any registration fees
  • The communication within such services is always paid, but you should see the site’s pricing policy (and it should be very clear)
  • Any legal company will have an address and a phone number. The company itself may be registered anywhere worldwide, though
  • Legit sites have a dedicated support team available 24/7
  • Most services that have been in the market for some time now share successful love stories on social media

With all of this in mind, meeting sexy Estonian women should not be a problem; so go ahead, try your luck online!

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