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Sudanese brides: Africa at its finest

Even those who’ve never had a chance to visit Sudan before, and are unfamiliar with its rich culture, will be absolutely stunned by Sudanese women’s beauty once they see them. Like most African women, hot Sudanese brides are so charismatic and delightful that they can sweep most Western men right off their feet. However, there are some peculiarities about dating Sudanese women you should know about before you even consider dating one of them. In this article, we’ll try to shed some light on their looks, their most prominent personality features, their commitment to family, and finally what they expect from a man.  We’ll give you advice on how to behave around a Sudanese lady and how not to chase her away on a first date.

Sudanese brides for marriage: physique and personality

Contrary to the popular belief that most Sudanese women dating are obese, one can find more and more ladies in this country with slender bodies and excellent physical shape. Not so long ago, the ideal of female beauty in Sudan involved corpulent bodies that were never exposed to any form of physical exercise. Young women would eat a huge piece of cake without thinking twice about its elevated calorie count or its health risk. Luckily, women are becoming increasingly health conscious in this country, and obesity levels are getting smaller. Today you can find as many women who keep fit in Sudan as anywhere else in the world. This is perhaps due to their greater exposure to Hollywood movies and TV shows that promote fitness and healthy diets.

As for their personalities, hot Sudanese women have also moved away from the female character typical for traditional Muslim societies. Whereas their mothers and grandmothers were happy to become someone’s second or third wife (which is allowed by the Sudanese legislation), modern women in Sudan avoid this practice. Especially those looking to become Sudanese mail order brides and marry a foreigner; these ladies are not keen on sharing their husband with anyone. Also, expecting a Sudanese woman to be meek and obedient is a thing of the past. This does not imply they have become disrespectful or impolite towards their husbands and elders. They simply wish to be heard and their opinions taken into account - especially when they talk about something they are quite knowledgeable about. Education is no longer something reserved for boys and men in Sudan. Girls can attend schools and universities as well, and they can even get an education abroad (provided it’s of religious nature).

Family values of Sudanese women

Although the best Sudanese brides are extremely family oriented, their actual roles within a family vary according to their social and professional status. Just like women in Western Europe or America, Sudanese women who choose to pursue a career will need to hire a maid to care for their children and household. Those employed in high-profile professions or involved in cultural or political life will also be less available for doing housework or preparing home-cooked meals every day. Female emancipation has found its way into Sudanese cities as well. So, if you marry a beautiful Sudanese woman, you can hardly expect her to be a maid, a cook, and a nanny. She will be a devoted wife, though; and her fine education will make her an equal partner in every conversation. Due to her excellent upbringing, she’ll be a perfect lady to take out to any social gathering, someone you’ll feel proud to introduce to your friends and colleagues.

Until recently, an overweight lazy woman sitting around the house while her maids do all her housework for her was a common stereotype in Sudan. Of course, this was only true for those whose husbands were wealthy enough to provide for them so that they were never forced to lift a finger. Some Sudanese women still tend to marry wealthy men and live a life of abundance and boredom. Your chances of ever meeting such a woman are slim to none. A girl who chooses to become a Sudanese mail order bride has a different outlook on life. She balances her professional and family obligations, enjoys spending time with her (future) husband and children and hates being idle. A Sudanese woman takes an active role in her children’s education and prides herself in keeping her home spick and span.

Dating Sudanese women online: tricks of the trade

The online dating business has evolved significantly in recent years. But if you’re just starting your online dating adventure, there are some things you should know:

  • There’s no shortage of Sudanese women looking to become mail order brides. Their reasons for willing to date and marry a foreigner range from romantic to socio-economic. Their interest in breaking the boundaries set by a strict patriarchal and religious society is yet another explanation for so many of them turning to online dating.
  • Some websites will advertise Sudanese brides for sale. Understandably, none of them sells women, as this is contrary to Sudanese and international laws alike. What’s actually on sale is their matchmaking service, which some of them have improved to perfection. Most dating sites offer vast databases of women that are searchable by nation, ethnicity or any personality or physical trait. If you’re specifically interested in Sudanese brides for marriage, you will enter these words as search filters, and a long list of potential wives will be presented to you.  
  • Since English is one of the official languages in Sudan, you will rarely need to use the services of a translator. Most ladies with at least a high-school degree will be perfectly fluent in English. Should you decide to date a lady from a rural area who’s had little contact with foreigners, you can easily have your conversations translated. Most dating sites have interpreters on staff.  
  • Feel free to talk to as many Sudanese brides online as you like before deciding to meet one of them in person. We’re perfectly aware there’s no way to check if chemistry exists between two people if they don’t come into real personal contact. However, we advise you to spend some time talking to a lady online to make sure you share the most important values and goals in life. Physical attraction is important but by no means sufficient to make a long-term relationship or marriage work. Dating websites will provide you with a myriad of contact opportunities, some of which will cost you money. Rest assured, their services are generally not overpriced, and most Western men can easily afford them.

Travelling to Sudan to meet your future wife

After you’ve made sure you’d found someone who’s a perfect match, you’ll probably be eager to visit her in her own country and go on a real-life date. A Sudanese brides agency will help you with that as well. They’ll give you all the pertinent information concerning visa requirements for citizens of your country, book you a hotel and have a tourist guide meet you at the airport. Once you’re there, they’ll recommend a nice restaurant or club to take your Sudanese girlfriend on a first date.

First date tips for winning the hearts of Sudanese brides

  • Come prepared. Learn a little bit about Sudan and surprise them with how much you know about their cultural heritage. Tell her stories about your own country and help her paint a picture of your hometown and way of life. Sexy Sudanese women have a great deal of interest in different cultures and lifestyles. Although predominantly Muslim, they are open to marriage with men of different religious backgrounds provided they are respectful and considerate towards them.
  • Show interest in her and listen to what she has to say. Keep in mind that your Sudanese lady is not just a pretty face; she’s a delightful human who can bring real bliss into your life.
  • Make your intentions clear. If what aim for marriage, share that fact with your Sudanese date straight away. Single Sudanese girls care a great deal about their reputation and will not enter a relationship lightly; nor will they change partners frequently. They come from a patriarchal society where such behavior is not deemed fit for a lady. Therefore, you should never expect any of them to behave in a way that would be considered shameful for themselves or their families.

Summary: are Sudanese women the right fit for you?

Young women in Sudan nowadays find themselves torn between traditional values instilled in them by their mothers and grandmothers and a desire to live freely and make their own decisions. While considering their options, many Sudanese women choose the world of online dating as their ticket out of a society that’s limiting their freedoms. Sudanese ladies can be found on any dating platform but choosing the right one can be tricky. To stay clear of scammers, we recommend you only use sites operating within the legal boundaries. Dating websites that have been in business for years have hundreds of satisfied customers. Their comments are readily available in customer feedback sections. Checking out stories posted by fellow Westerners who dated or married Sudanese women can give you a clue whether these lovely ladies are what you’re looking for.

Concerning their physical appearance, some of them will be slightly overweight, which was the ideal of female beauty in Sudan for ages. There are plenty of men who appreciate a corpulent woman even today. As to their personality, you will hardly find any women whose character is more appealing. They are well-educated and polite, taught to respect their husbands so they will never embarrass you in public. A Sudanese mail order bride is someone you’ll proudly present to your family and friends and who’ll be admired everywhere she goes. If that’s a person you’d like to have by your side, we invite you to start dating Sudanese brides online.

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