How To Find a Wife
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How to find a wife: a practical guide that will change your life

So, you are assured that you wanna know how to find a wife. Are you super really sure? Think about the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. Ponder wisely and think about how your life will change – on both sides. Talk to people in the marriage amongst your friends to know the married life from inside (preferably, to men and women separately to hear the truth, not what they should say when in two). You still wanna do it? Okay, read this guide then.

How to find a wife: a step-by-step instruction

  1. Think of somebody in your ambiance who could suit you to be a wife. If you’re striving to marriage, then you are more likely than not in the age of having many people around you and you can pick somebody to be your wife. Is there a girlfriend, friend, or long-term acquaintance with reciprocal feelings to you? Talking to them about marriage would be good in that case. You don’t have such? You should find one then!
  2. The surest way to embrace a lot of women in the shortest possible time is to pay attention to dating or matchmaking sites. We have prepared for you a list of reliable ones:

A few words why they were picked:

  • the ease of registration, the smoothness of filling profiles, and the ease of search – unrestricted
  • great quality of matches based on your search and quite nicely filled profiles, which allow you to discover a person pretty efficiently
  • you can chat, call, send letters to users and have those in return – which make your communication as effective as possible 
  • with hundreds and even thousands of girls online at any given time, starting an interaction with them is easy-peasy
  • only a miserably tiny percentage of all your chats and letters get into the void. The huge vastness is answered, which means that it is not some bull – people are really interested in matching with somebody
  • using the search, one can find thousands of ladies in a couple of seconds. Will you agree that finding that many people in a clap of a finger would be impossible in offline life? Moreover, to find that many, I’d take you years if not decades.

Start with the registration and fulfilling your profile as fully as possible. Attach nice pictures. Write a positive short letter about you. Study other successful profiles and copy-write them to fill in yours. Stay honest, though. Don’t forget to say that you are looking for a serious relationship, even if it can scare away a lion’s share of people looking at your profile. Matchmaking sites are dedicated to those looking for a commitment lasting for years, so going to them at first will bring you significantly more results than doing it on some Facebook or Tinder.

But if not the dating websites, what are other viable options?

  1. Try dating at work. But beware of trifles – if you’re not into it with serious intentions, after you are breaking up, you have to search for another job (because you will not be able to work with that person under one roof anymore, that just never happens). Get into things if you’re super assured that she is your destiny and don’t spoil your career (especially, a good one). Avoid dating people you manage (even if you really like one of them).
  2. Try to communicate with friends more and meet more friends of your friends. Tell them that you’re looking for a relationship – and some of those people will be actually able to help you, matchmaking you with someone they know who’s also seeking the relationship. Word of mouth is still the most powerful commercial, no matter what you think.
  3. Go to places, which you can tolerate and of high status, to find there a decent woman. Skip the ‘sex-only-oriented’ places like nightclubs and bars and go to social events, art galleries, restaurants, sports clubs, and so on. Try speed dating, dancing or yoga classes, jogging in the morning (to meet other runners), libraries, churches, religious gatherings, social help groups, volunteering squats, and akin. They are highly likely packed with women who’d like to find a serious guy for a serious commitment. You can also find a lot of related activities, depending on the city you live: cooking or photography classes, stand-up comedy nights amongst the amateurs, and so on. Your city might have an online table of announcements for those things scheduled. 
  4. Reconnect with people from your childhood. What are they doing now? Is your school love still looks amazing in your eyes? Are they available? Are they even alive? You can find them using social media and going to graduates’ meetings – that is the surest way to make your fire of first love to re-ignite again. If somebody of them invites you to their wedding – this is a chance to find your future wife amongst the people invited to this wedding – as a lot of women there really desire to marry, looking at the ongoing beauty. Generally, accept all wedding invitations, as they are super lucrative in terms of new meetings, where everyone is relaxed, elated, and exhilarated. 
  5. Go back to college. We assume that you’ve graduated it some years ago. If you have that possibility – enroll in the college once again to study some class, which you might have wanted to have knowledge about – and that is a great possibility to hook up. Also, there will be smart girls there. Also, it was reported in 2006 in the New York Times that marriages among people over 40 without at least a college degree have dropped. So, having a higher education will improve your chances of marriage, statistically.
  6. Find someone with the same outlooks at life – in whatever aspects of it. It can be sharing the knowledge of the Elvish language(s), or constructing paper kites, or being of the same religion – no matter what you find it important to glue your family up together. 
  7. When you find someone seemingly suitable to you, in order to be sure that she is what you need, you have to dive into the depths of her character and personality. The things of crucial importance to estimate are:
    1. Her spending habits. Will you agree that finding that you are not given the bank loan with 2% annual because of unpaid debts of your wife in 100,000 dollars (instead, they offer you 17%) is something that should immediately raise in your head huge doubt about the expedience of marrying to that woman? Or if the only way for her to entertain herself is to go shopping? That is something that will swiftly deplete your treasury, milord ;)
    2. Eating and drinking habits. Your future wife should be drinking and eating close to yours so as not to form a skew in your cuisine. Significantly more and less of yours will ignite constant fights in your family about the gastronomy, not speaking about the shifts in her weight to any of both undesirable sides.
    3. What is your nature of being influenced by her? In other words – what is the essence of your connection? If you only admire sex with her – well, that's not the best option to get married. If you share the same philosophy and outlooks at life, you find it great to be in a company of one another, and you eager to have children similar to you and raise them in the ambiance of love – then these are firm reasons for getting married. If you are assured that your marriage could be something real and lasting and you’re not marrying just anybody because of loneliness, marrying a girl is a good idea. Otherwise – really, really don’t do that.
    4. The level of tolerance to small things. For instance, how you squeeze out a tube of toothpaste – from the beginning or from the end. If she is covering the lid of a toilet while you want it to stay open? If she drinks the blood of virgins while you are tired of getting rid of the bodies throwing them off the nearest cliff? Everything that pisses you off in your living together should be thought out carefully and weighted. Unless you don’t want that person to turn hateful, not loved, to you in years to come – you have to tolerate the small differences. 

Conclusion on how to find a wife

So, now you know at least a first closeness of how to find a wife and can use those tips in your quest of searching one. Remember that a lot of people take it the same as they approach the search of a person for sex – that’s not the way a long-term marriage and commitment works like. You have to see her close to you, living under one roof, in 50 years from now – if that does not scare you, you are on the right track!

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