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Mail order brides from Slavic countries are among the most desired by gentlemen from all over the world. When we hear about them, the first ladies who come to our minds are from Russia, Ukraine, and, of course, Belarus. While the distinctive traits of Russian and Ukrainian beauties have been popularized significantly by media and online dating platforms, Belarusians are seen very much like them. But if you want to connect your life with one of the gorgeous Slavic women, you should be aware that Belarusian mail order brides differ a lot from their counterpart, both in the way they look and their personality. Let's dig in and see the advantages of taking a beautiful Belarusian woman as your wife.

Why are the best Belarusian brides so adorable?

For starters, hot Belarusian women don’t have to put a lot of effort into keeping fit. They are quite slim and graceful by nature. Besides, they are a little taller than average East Slavic girls. So, don’t get surprised if a Belarusian mail order bride you meet on a website looks exactly like a top model.

Speaking of nature, it has been extremely generous to those ladies and given them a lot of attractive features complementing their slender stature. And they do all they can to preserve those gifts. For example, you will see fewer women who have undergone plastic surgery than in any other European country, if any at all. Sexy Belarusian women are proud of their lips, so sensitive that they won't fail to attract any man's attention. They are also quite content with their hair, thick and of the richest shades that you've ever seen. A rare woman in this country dyes her hair - just because they don't feel like it. They are all about natural beauty. Maybe, the reason is the closeness to nature that runs through their veins. Or perhaps it is because their sense of beauty giving them an advantage over many other women - they know what is beautiful and have no doubt they are beautiful, too.

But don't get deluded that these women think too highly of themselves. In fact, they are very friendly, easy-going, and have a great sense of humor - so great that they can easily laugh at themselves. Belarusian women will always cheer a friend up, not to mention their closest family. They are very supportive and optimistic. The balance of stunning looks and friendly personality makes them perfect for each man who wants to find a life partner.

What wives will hot Belarusian brides are?

A westerner choosing Belarusian brides for marriage thinks he faces a dilemma: What kind of wife do I want to get? The one who stays at home with kids? The one who will be an ideal homemaker? Is she going to be a ‘soccer mom’ or the one who want a career of her own? Does she have to care about self-development or be focused on the family?

We say he ‘thinks of a dilemma’ because there is no dilemma at all. A woman from Belarus fills all the roles she takes simultaneously. Most of these ladies are emancipated which is rooted in the historical background. While housewives from western countries were tailoring their homemaking skills, Belarus was an entirely different reality. It was a part of the country that sent first women to space and made no distinction between males and females at the workplace calling everyone ‘tovarishch.’ Thus, being hardworking and striving to get a proper education is inherited by Belarusian women from their great- and grandmothers.

At the same time, these women never forgot about their feminine side. There is a lot of discussion about a woman's predestination in the post-Soviet area. However, most of these beauties want to start a family and become good wives and mothers, even though they know they will have to combine it with a job. That is why they have learned to do it so effortlessly. They try to see cooking and, as a result, feeding their family as a joy instead of a burden. They also try to be well-organized at home to keep it cozy. Thus, the skills one needs to make a family happy are intuitive to them and don't stand in the way of personal development and building a career.

So, it's safe to say that a lot of Belarusian women dating dream about family, especially those who register with matchmaking platforms to find a husband. They are into motherhood and try to raise their children showing them a clear picture of what a decent person should be. Kids' education is also a matter of concern for Belarusian moms because they regard it as necessary to find a proper place in life. It is indeed encouraging that when a woman from this country has children, she seamlessly adds all the responsibilities it brings to her to-do list and manages it masterfully.

Belarusian brides online: Guide for staying on the safe side

Everyone familiar with the concept of online dating knows that meeting a single Belarusian woman (as well as the one from any other country, really) is a piece of cake. Google for hot Belarusian brides, and you will get tons of results. The tricky part comes when you understand that the number of offers is overwhelming and they are all quite different. This may be the site of a small agency or a huge international dating platform. It can offer different communication tools and have different pricing policy. No matter what you come across, you have three goals here:

  • not to get scammed by the website,
  • not to get tricked into sending money to dishonest users,
  • to find the love of your life and marry her.

Below, we are going to tell you how to achieve all these goals and find your happiness eventually.

Choose a trustworthy Belarusian brides agency website

First, you should choose a dating website, not a social media for the general audience. Needless to say that you can never know whether a person behind a social media account is sincere, sane, or even real. But even if one could be 100% sure about it, people don't register on these sites to get married. Some happen to get lucky and find their destiny there. But such love stories are more exceptions than the rule.

When you pick a dating website or app to sign up, you should consider its usability, prices, and how often the database is updated. There are free sites, but mind that the best Belarusian brides tend to join the paid ones to stay protected from various weirdos. A decent girl with the intention of marriage will not tolerate sex offers free sites' users like to broadcast. Plus, the platforms having proper privacy security are rarely free.

The main ways a website might scam a user are:

  • offering to contact the abundance of inactive profiles, especially if you get charged for initiating communication. A trustworthy website always checks profile information before it becomes public for other users. Additionally, they should monitor which of the existing profiles are still available to contact and matchmaking. Otherwise, the database gets stuffed by ‘dead' profiles. Websites that don't care about it boast having millions of users many of whom can, in fact, be happily married already. More than that, such a profile can be shown to you as an instant match. Even if you don't have to pay for writing to this person, it can be rather harsh and disappointing when your message doesn't get a reply.
  • asking to provide your billing information ‘just in case,' or to verify your profile, or even to let you start an account. All the information you might need to make a grounded decision whether you want to join should be accessible out of charge. No requests for payments are acceptable before you know for sure what you are paying for. Moreover, there are a lot of free services that can be offered by a good website. Some of them allow you to see women's profiles to spark excitement.
  • trying to interest you with Belarusian brides for sale which is not legal in the whole world, except maybe some failed states. But be sure that Belarus is far from being one of them. All that a website sells is a paid service that can vary from sending winks or messages to providing help with arranging your marriage.

Communicate with other users safely

As we have mentioned, reliable sites try to sort out questionable profiles. But there are real con artists who still manage to register and start communicating with users to get their money. Even the best site in the world can’t give you a 100% guarantee that you won’t meet such people. The lack of responsibility in this aspect can cost you a lot, so please be cautious.

Before you become a free or paid member of any dating platform, make sure that there is any kind of scam prevention team. It may be called differently and have slightly different responsibilities, but there should be people who can react to any scam attempt or alert promptly. Besides, check if there is an opportunity to block users who get too irritating or suspicious.

Find your Belarusian soulmate

Now, when you've taken all the precautions, it's time to talk about why you come to a matchmaking website. That is, of course, searching for a perfect wife among countless Belarusian brides online. If the site you have picked works with mail order brides from different countries, you should select Belarus in your search filters. Then, you can choose whatever criteria you might like in a woman: from age and physical appearance to her religious background and attitude to smoking. Please note that most websites grant access to advanced filters to paying users only.

This is how you are searching for her. But - she might find you first! Give her such a chance by filling out your profile. First of all, this will allow her to see you in the search results based on this information. And secondly, women are quite curious, and they do read the profile before they decide to talk to you. Don't forget to upload a photo, and not some driving-license-like but the one that shows what a person you are.

Women from Belarus are indeed an excellent choice for commitment and family life. They combine femininity and independence, looking like a star and working hard on the daily. So, try your luck and get to know them on Belarusian brides agency websites.

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