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Jordanian Brides: Hidden Treasure of the Middle East

Our life is full of stereotypes, especially when it comes to people and countries we know little about. So, it’s no wonder that when thinking about Jordanian women, one often imagines a hijab with a veil instead of a woman. More than that, some men are even ready to imagine fathers and husbands literally offering Jordanian brides for sale — which could not be further from the truth for a variety of reasons — international laws and religious concerns included.

Those who read Arabian stories as children may think of One Thousand and One Night tales, which is even more confusing — given how much the stereotypes above have penetrated our lives. Others would fantasize about Disney’s Jasmine, but so few single gentlemen bother to research and find out more about hot Jordanian women and their culture. Our article is going to shed some light on the subject.

For starters, Jordan has been at peace for several decades now, so you should not imagine this country as war-devastated. Next, many Jordanian women had access to modern education and various career opportunities, which is why you should forget the ‘humble hijab wearing creature’ stereotype. Finally, these ladies may indeed be religious and respectful of their culture, but this does not mean that they are not adventurous or ready to explore new horizons — because indeed, they are.

More than that, as of today, a single gentleman from the West can legally explore the world of sexy Jordanian women. More and more of these gorgeous and mysterious ladies are joining dating sites and searching for husbands abroad. Not because they are destitute to leave their country, but because they are ready for a new adventure — probably even, with you.

But why would one want to consider this far-away country above others? Let’s find out below and cast more light onto outdated stereotypes you may still have.

Hot Jordanian women: what wives they make?

To answer this, we should, first of all, analyze the example any beautiful Jordanian woman tries to follow — their gorgeous Queen Rania. Google up a couple of her photos and see that she is always dressed with an utmost style (and, at the same time, modesty that emphasizes her traditional values). She also takes part in charity and social works, instead of just being a shadow of her all-powerful husband. And, of course, she is an excellent mother to her four children.

Of course, one may argue that a queen gets all the help she needs, so it would be unwise to think that all Jordanian women look like Queen Rania. We’re not claiming they are — we are just briefly describing the standard of wife and mother most Jordanian women follow. So, should you ever find a Jordanian mail order bride — rest assured, she will do her best to combine family life with various social events while trying to look her absolute best in the process.

Jordanian brides and their unrivaled beauty

We already mentioned that Jordanian women pay a lot of attention to their looks, but you might have come to the wrong conclusion that they, like most Western ladies, save this attention for important social events. And, you would be totally wrong to think so — in Muslim culture, a woman should be, first of all, attractive to her husband, not the strangers. A part of this tradition is still alive for sexy Jordanian women who pay attention to their appearance at all times. You will hardly ever see your wife in a robe (perhaps, two steps from the bathroom) — even at home, she will make sure to wear casual, yet tidy and attractive clothes.

As for the make-up, you might imagine Orient-style beauty pageants with excessive eyeshade, but — once again — this guess would be wrong. So, we will again refer you to the images of Queen Rania who strives her best to look natural. So will any other Jordanian women you meet in real life. These amazing women will invest a lot of effort into natural cosmetics that keeps them young and beautiful. As for excessive everyday makeup, the trend is obsolete.

Jordanian women’s attitude toward families and careers

Today, the best Jordanian brides strive to embrace modernity while preserving the tradition. They eagerly learn new things and try to apply their knowledge to many spheres, including the professional one. And yet, a beautiful Jordanian woman’s heart belongs to her family and her home. In practice, this means that even though she is now given a chance to fulfill herself professionally (and she is proud of it), she will still invest a lot of effort and energy into the running the house and raising the children.

You may have come to believe that a woman must always make a choice between a house and a job, but in case of hot Jordanian brides, the assumption is far from the truth. These women are so hard-working and resourceful that they can easily combine the two. Of course, motivation plays a great part in this picture — and, if you consider that equal career opportunities are a new thing for Jordanian women, you will understand why her natural energy is enough to combine those.

As for raising children, sexy Jordanian women see kids as their primary responsibility. If you ever have children and if she sees that her job interferes with their upbringing, she will have no difficulty choosing a family over a career.  In fact, she would see that as her primary duty and would be happy about it. She will eagerly help her children with anything — from making their first steps to going through challenging school assignments.

How to get in touch with hot Jordanian brides

Of course, as a reasonable gentleman, you should understand that traveling to Jordan and trying your luck onsite may be an exciting, unforgettable adventure and a useful cultural experience. Yet, when it comes to such serious matters as finding your perfect match, it’s rash and unwise. A reasonable thing to do is to find Jordanian brides online, and only then plan a trip to meet one of them in person.

The goods news is that there are plenty of ways to find Jordanian brides for marriage. The most obvious one is to look for them on mainstream dating apps like Tinder. But, you have to remember that most of such apps are designed for quick hookups. And, even if you want to get serious, most dating apps still tailor to local dating experience.

The next option is to look for international dating sites, which is a wiser decision — but still, comes with a fair share of challenges. First, not every international dating site is a reliable platform  — anyone can register without verification. So, you can never be certain that a person you’re talking to is real.

Finally, there is the third and the safest option — contacting a Jordanian brides agency. The cost of using such services is a bit higher than paying a mainstream dating site’s fees. The upside is that professional marriage sites place a strong emphasis on security: local agencies verify brides’ IDs and marriage eligibility in person, the site runs regular security checks, etc. So, when using platforms like these, you can stay confident that absolutely all Jordanian mail order brides are real people, of legal age, and single. And that’s already a good start!

Yet, the trick is to find a reliable agency you can trust, so let’s discuss some important criteria below.

Signs of a reputable Jordanian brides agency

Of course, no one can list all the signs of a reputable marriage agency, so we will sum up only the most essential ones:

  • No registration fees: no dating site — whether mainstream or niche one — should take registration fees. Any new customer should be able to join and look around for free. After all, you may not like the selection, so what would be the point of paying if no bride catches your eye?

  • Polished up profiles: still, it’s very unlikely that no woman will catch your eye because reputable agencies supply their female clients with a free photo shoot. So, all of the ladies' profiles will look polished up and attractive. This is the way it works, so you have no reason to doubt profile authenticity; quite on the contrary — it is a sign of a reputable service.
  • Comprehensive pricing policy: professional marriage sites always charge their clients. After all, they need to cover the expenses of running a local agency where brides verify their IDs, photo shoots and even hiring a team of translators for those women whose English skills are far from perfect. So, their services will always have to be paid for. The fees are either charged as a monthly subscription; or, clients are supposed to pay for the communication means they’ve used: chats, letters, video calls, etc. Both approaches are acceptable and depend on the company’s policies.
Travel assistance: no matter how sexy Jordanian women may be, one cannot jump into marriage without an in-person meeting. A reputable service should be able to help you with that, providing travel arrangements, accommodation, and even guides when necessary.
  • Legal help with marriage and relocation: and, of course, if you do decide to get married to one of those beautiful ladies, you should count on the agency’s help with all the legal paperwork.

With this in mind, exploring the world of Jordanian women dating should be a pleasant and safe experience. The final tip would be to take things slow — remember, marriage is not something that should be taken lightly, so don’t jump to any conclusions before you meet your beautiful Jordanian woman in person.

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