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posted 22Jan, 2018
Well, I have to admit that I had two attempts to find my soulmate on Loveswans. First, I dated a woman for nine months, but we just didn't see us together in future. It was a failed attempt that luckily didn't lead to marriage. Then I went back to this site. Met my wife there and now we have a beautiful 2-year old baby girl. We are a happy family.
posted 29Jan, 2018
I met a stunning, fit, intelligent lady who was smart and positive about our relationship. After meeting, we had a wonderful and unforgettable two years together. Again, LoveSwans has given me a chance to interact with wonderful women who all were true reflections of their profiles.
posted 12Feb, 2018
About two years ago I was in the process of getting divorced and I was not going to be into a relationship anytime soon. But little did I know, my close friend advised signing in to LoveSwans and I started to look at women’s profiles and even chatting with them. And here I am 2 years later with the best woman I could've asked for. Fairytale does happen if you give yourself a chance to let it happen!
posted 19Feb, 2018
I think such services are precious to a lot of people. It is so difficult to meet someone these days who shares the same interests as you. Love Swans helps to narrow it down and increase your chances to meet someone special.
posted 5Mar, 2018
Loveswans was easy to join and the cost kept the people who were not serious out. Great way to meet a lot of women
posted 12Mar, 2018
I am absolutely in love with my wife, who I met April 2016. After talking for two weeks we met, moved in about a month later and started a family shortly after. We are expecting our first child together and have been married for almost 1 year. I am so happy with LoveSwans
posted 26Mar, 2018
I have been using dating-platforms for a while, but none of them seemed to fulfill my needs. That was until I came across LoveSwans. It focuses on international relationships, mostly for men to meet women from Slavic countries. I must say that girls are astonishing here. And it is so comfortable and convenient to communicate with them. It is my number one service for online-dating now.
posted 16Apr, 2018
Even though I am an American, my parent came from Ukraine, and it was always my dream to marry “Ukrainian beauty.” It is real! LoveSwans was an inspiration to me as it hosts so many pretty women. It has useful searching tools that helped me find my love very quickly. Now I am in a relationship and halfway there to make my dream come true.
posted 3May, 2018
Unfortunately, a lot of Ukrainian and Russian dating websites appear to be scammers, so I was a little bit afraid to look for a girl from these countries because I didn’t want to be deceived. However, LoveSwans is nothing like most services. It cares about its reputation and offers only real accounts. I am really enjoying communication with a few ladies for now.
posted 21May, 2018
I really enjoy the fact that on Love Swans you can search girls based on their habits. I personally cannot stand ladies who smoke. How can you smoke people at all!? I cannot imagine kissing a person with unattractive odor. So thank you Love Swans for such an option in the search! I really appreciate it!
posted 28May, 2018
I prefer this one to Victoria Dates. On Victoria dates there are girls from almost all post-USSR countries, and I’m not actually interested in most of them. I’m curious about Russian and Ukrainian girls only as they are the most beautiful girls on earth!
posted 11Jun, 2018
Don’t you find it, guys, a little bit pricey? No, I’m not greedy, I’m ready to pay anything to find a woman of my dreams, especially from Eastern Europe, but come on. $15 for 20 credits, Love Swans, I didn’t expect it from you!
posted 25Jun, 2018
Someone here complained about high prices… Well, dude, go and look for other sites outside MOB, you’ll be shocked!!! The prices are even higher, and I can’t say the services are better! I was once on one site (don’t want to mention that crap here), so I had to pay $50 for 25 credits, and the results were 0! So just be humble and calculate your money for a real-time date, I bet you will have to spend more than $15 *giggling* Go Love Swans!